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Cape Cod Baseball League
MottoWhere the Stars of Tomorrow Shine Tonight
No. of teams10
Country United States
Most recent
Wareham Gatemen (7th title)
Most titlesCotuit Kettleers (16 titles)
Official websiteCape Cod Baseball League: Home

The Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL) is a collegiate summer baseball league located on Cape Cod in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. Founded in 1885,[1] the league was largely comprised of local and regional college players until 1963, when it became officially sanctioned by the NCAA. In 1985, the league moved away from the use of aluminum bats, and became the only collegiate summer league in the nation at that time to use wooden bats. This transition began a period of significant growth in the league's popularity and prestige among Major League Baseball (MLB) scouts, as well as among college players and coaches. The league continues to be one of the nation's premier collegiate summer leagues, receiving significant financial support from Major League Baseball,[2] and boasting well over 1,000 alumni who have gone on to play in the major leagues. During the 2018 MLB season alone, 303 CCBL alumni played on major league teams.[3]


The league's regular season starts in mid-June and runs through mid-August.[4] The playoffs determine the East and West division champions, who then compete for the league championship.


Current Teams[edit]

Division Team Town/village Home field Most recent championship[5]
West Bourne Braves Bourne Doran Park (at Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School) 2009
Cotuit Kettleers Cotuit Lowell Park 2013
Falmouth Commodores Falmouth Arnie Allen Diamond at Guv Fuller Field 1980
Hyannis Harbor Hawks Hyannis McKeon Park (Pope John Paul II High School) 1991
Wareham Gatemen Wareham Clem Spillane Field (Wareham High School) 2018
East Brewster Whitecaps Brewster Stony Brook Field (Stony Brook Elementary School) 2017
Chatham Anglers Chatham Veteran's Field 1998
Harwich Mariners Harwich Whitehouse Field (Monomoy Regional High School) 2011
Orleans Firebirds Orleans Eldredge Park (Nauset Regional Middle School) 2005
Yarmouth–Dennis Red Sox South Yarmouth Red Wilson Field (Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School) 2016
Cape Cod Baseball League teams (West Division teams in red, East Division teams in blue)

Team Names[edit]

At one time, six of the teams in the Cape League shared their names with Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. However, in late 2008 MLB announced that it would enforce its trademarks, and required teams to either change their names or buy their uniforms and merchandise only through licensed vendors. MLB could not enforce the "Mariners" trademark against the Harwich Mariners because that team predated the 1977 Major League Baseball expansion and the entry of the Seattle Mariners into MLB. Three other teams eventually changed their names. First, in 2009, the Chatham Athletics became the "Anglers", and the Orleans Cardinals became the "Firebirds".[6] In March 2010 the Hyannis Mets joined the Anglers and Firebirds, changing their team name to "Harbor Hawks".[7] The Bourne Braves and Yarmouth–Dennis Red Sox chose to use MLB licensees for their merchandise.

Former teams[edit]

Pre-modern teams on Cape Cod[edit]

  • Orleans Pants Factory
  • Sandwich Athletics
  • Harwich team
  • West Falmouth team
  • Chatham team
  • Cottage Club
  • Mashpee team
  • Orleans team

League teams[edit]


League Championships[9]
Year Champion Runner up
2018 Wareham Chatham
2017 Brewster Bourne
2016 Y-D Falmouth
2015 Y-D Hyannis
2014 Y-D Falmouth
2013 Cotuit Orleans
2012 Wareham Y-D
2011 Harwich Falmouth
2010 Cotuit Y-D
2009 Bourne Cotuit
2008 Harwich Cotuit
2007 Y-D Falmouth
2006 Y-D Wareham
2005 Orleans Bourne
2004 Y-D Falmouth
2003 Orleans Bourne
2002 Wareham Orleans
2001 Wareham Chatham
2000 Brewster Hyannis
1999 Cotuit Chatham
1998 Chatham Wareham
1997 Wareham Harwich
1996 Chatham Falmouth
1995 Cotuit Chatham
1994 Wareham Brewster
1993 Orleans Wareham
1992 Chatham Cotuit
1991 Hyannis Chatham
1990 Y-D Wareham
1989 Y-D Chatham
1988 Wareham Orleans
1987 Harwich Y-D
1986 Orleans Cotuit
1985 Cotuit Chatham
1984 Cotuit Wareham
1983 Harwich Cotuit
1982 Chatham Hyannis
League Championships[10]
Year Champion Runner up
1981 Cotuit Orleans
1980 Falmouth Chatham
1979 Hyannis Harwich
1978 Hyannis Harwich
1977 Cotuit Y-D
1976 Wareham Chatham
1975 Cotuit Falmouth
1974 Cotuit Orleans
1973 Cotuit Yarmouth
1972 Cotuit Chatham
1971 Falmouth Orleans
1970 Falmouth Orleans
1969 Falmouth Chatham
1968 Falmouth Harwich
1967 Chatham Falmouth
1966 Falmouth Chatham
1965 Sagamore Chatham
1964 Cotuit Chatham
1963 Cotuit Orleans
1962 Cotuit
1961 Cotuit
1960 Yarmouth
1959 Sagamore
1958 Yarmouth
1957 Orleans
1956 Sagamore
1955 Orleans
1954 Sagamore
1953 Orleans
1952 Orleans
1951 Sagamore
1950 Orleans
1949 Orleans
1948 Mashpee
1947 Orleans
1946 Falmouth

Annual Award Winners[edit]

Outstanding Pro Prospect Award[edit]

Hall of Fame and Museum[edit]

The CCBL Hall of Fame and Museum is a history museum and hall of fame honoring past players, coaches, and others who have made exceptional contributions to the success of the CCBL.[17] Since its inaugural class in 2000, the hall of fame has held annual inductions of new members, enshrining over 160 members to date. In 2008, the hall of fame and museum opened to the public at its location in the lower level of the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum in Hyannis, Massachusetts. In 2017, it moved from this location, and is currently awaiting the completion of its new home within the planned Total Athletics of Cape Cod sports training facility in Hyannis.

Inductees (by year):

In popular culture[edit]

  • Baseball by the Beach (ISBN 0-9719547-4-7) by Christopher Price was published in 1998 and discusses the league and its history.
  • The Cape Cod League was the setting for the 2001 Hollywood film Summer Catch, directed by Michael Tollin and starring Freddie Prinze Jr., Jessica Biel, and Matthew Lillard.([18]
  • In 2002, writer Jim Collins followed the Chatham Athletics (now the Chatham Anglers) for the season and wrote The Last Best League (ISBN 0-306-81418-8) about the team and its players.
  • The 2003 documentary film Touching the Game by Jim Carroll chronicled the 2003 CCBL season and explored the league's history.[19]
  • Baseball on Cape Cod (Images of Baseball) (ISBN 978-0-7385-3508-1) (2004) by Dan Crowley has many photos of the early and modern Cape League eras.
  • The 2004 novel Slider (ISBN 0-06-058033-X) by Patrick Robinson takes place in a Maine summer league, but is actually based on the Cape League.
  • In 2005, Beach Chairs and Baseball Bats (ISBN 1-4196-0508-9) by author Steve Weissman and Cape Crusaders (ISBN 1-4137-6232-8) by author Mike Thomas were published. The latter focuses on player interviews, while the former goes behind the scenes of a typical Cape League season.
  • In 2015, Showtime's 60 Minutes Sports aired a feature on the CCBL.[20]


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