Cape Colbeck

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Cape Colbeck is located in Antarctica
Cape Colbeck
Cape Colbeck
Location of Cape Colbeck in Antarctica
Area map of Cape Colbeck.

Cape Colbeck (77°7′S 158°1′W / 77.117°S 158.017°W / -77.117; -158.017Coordinates: 77°7′S 158°1′W / 77.117°S 158.017°W / -77.117; -158.017) is a prominent ice-covered cape which forms the northwestern extremity of the Edward VII Peninsula and Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica. It was discovered in January 1902 by the British National Antarctic Expedition and named for Captain William Colbeck, Royal Naval Reserve, who commanded Robert Scott's relief ship, the Morning.

Further reading[edit]

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