Cape Farewell, Greenland

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Cape Farewell (the centre of the image) and the rugged southern coast of Eggers Island, The coast (dark) is generally surrounded by sea ice, making navigation treacherous.
For the cape in New Zealand, see Cape Farewell, New Zealand

Cape Farewell (Greenlandic: Uummannarsuaq; Danish: Kap Farvel) is a headland on the southern shore of Eggers Island, Greenland. Located at 59°46′23″N 43°55′21″W / 59.77306°N 43.92250°W / 59.77306; -43.92250 it is the southernmost extent of Greenland, projecting out into the North Atlantic Ocean and the Labrador Sea on the same latitude as St Petersburg, Oslo and the Shetland Islands. Egger and the associated minor islands are known as the Cape Farewell Archipelago. The area is part of the Kujalleq municipality.

Uummannarsuaq amongst the extreme points of Greenland

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