Cape Flattery (Ma and Pa Kettle)

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City of Cape Flattery
View of Clallan County Courthouse in the film, Ma and Pa Kettle (1949).
View of Clallan County Courthouse in the film, Ma and Pa Kettle (1949).
Country  United States
State Washington
County Clallan County
Named for Cape Flattery (Washington)
 • Mayor Mayor Dwiggins

Cape Flattery is the fictional town in the rural-comedy film series, Ma and Pa Kettle (1949–1957). The town makes reference to the Cape Flattery as the most remote, rural, and northernmost point in the West Coast. In the series the town is mentioned as an incorporated city and county seat of "Clallan County", a variant for Clallam County.


Main article: Kettle Farm
  • The Kettle Farm - The farm in which the Kettle clan lived, the farm was on the outskirts, as mentioned by Elwin Kettle in the film Ma and Pa Kettle at Home. The farm included the ramshackle farmhouse, a barn, a silo, a chicken coop, and an apple orchard. Ma says in Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm, "We've been living here for twenty-five years." It was known as "the garbage dump of the city."
    The Kettle Farmhouse
  • The Billy Reed Store - The shop which Billy Reed ran in downtown Cape Flattery, he sold almost everything from food to household accessories. He always had his Ford pickup filled with merchandise.
  • Pinewood Hospital - was the town's hospital, as seen in Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm, where the first grandson of Ma and Pa was born. The hospital sign said "Pinewood Hospital founded in 1927".
  • The MacDonald Farm - was the farm which Betty and Bob MacDonald moved into in the first film The Egg and I. The farm was broken down and aged, and the little old lady Emily (Ida Moore), who scared Betty, was the previous owner. After it burned down, Bob and Betty planned to rebuild it but they never did.
  • Bella Vista Farm - was the farm that was owned and run by Harriet Putnam (Louise Albritton) in The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm. Bob MacDonald bought it from her as a gift for Betty, since she longed for an ultra-modern farm.
  • The Maddocks Farm - was the neighboring farm to the Kettle Farm. Mr Maddocks was the richest man in the county as Pa Kettle said in Ma and Pa Kettle at Home. Mr. Maddocks was not fond of the Kettles because they were lazy and noisy.

Filming locations[edit]

The set for the downtown Cape Flattery was filmed at the Courthouse Square in Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. The Kettle farmhouse was filmed at Gausman Ranch (now Gibson Amphitheatre)


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