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Cape Fox Village is a locality in Southeast Alaska near present-day Ketchikan. It is the site of a former village called Gaash of the Cape Fox people (Saanyaa ḵwaan) of the Tlingit.[1] The location of the village is on the east side of Revillagigedo Channel, four miles south of Boca de Quadra. The name was recorded in 1880 by Ivan Petroff during the 10th Census, who reported 100 Tlingit still living there. Many native artifacts were taken from this area during early American and European exploration of Alaska, and many of these items have since been returned, including a totem pole that had been on display at Field Museum in Chicago.

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Coordinates: 55°00′30″N 131°00′15″W / 55.00833°N 131.00417°W / 55.00833; -131.00417