Cape Jaffa, South Australia

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Cape Jaffa
South Australia
Cape Jaffa (6).JPG
New marina at Cape Jaffa, South Australia
Cape Jaffa is located in South Australia
Cape Jaffa
Cape Jaffa
Location in South Australia
Coordinates36°57′12″S 139°40′24″E / 36.95333°S 139.67333°E / -36.95333; 139.67333Coordinates: 36°57′12″S 139°40′24″E / 36.95333°S 139.67333°E / -36.95333; 139.67333
Established3 December 1998[1]
Time zoneACST (UTC+9:30)
 • Summer (DST)ACST (UTC+10:30)
LGA(s)Kingston District Council[3]
State electorate(s)MacKillop[4]
Federal Division(s)Barker[5]
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall
19.3 °C
67 °F
10.3 °C
51 °F
489.4 mm
19.3 in
Localities around Cape Jaffa:
Ocean Lacepede Bay Wangolina
Ocean Cape Jaffa Wangolina
Ocean Ocean Wangolina
Climatic data[6]
Adjoining Localities[3]

Cape Jaffa is a locality in the Australian state of South Australia located on the headland of Cape Jaffa on the state's south east coastline overlooking the body of water known in Australia as the Southern Ocean and by international authorities as the Great Australian Bight. It located about 19 kilometres (12 miles) south west of the town centre of Kingston SE and about 245 kilometres (152 miles) south south-east of the Adelaide city centre.[3][2][7][8]

The locality includes a settlement located on the north side of the headland overlooking Lacepede Bay which is also known as Cape Jaffa. The settlement includes a jetty and a marina. The locality includes part of the Bernouilli Conservation Reserve.[3][2][9][10][11][12] The Marina (known as Cape Jaffa Anchorage) received development approval in January 2006.[13] The plans allow for several stages of development. At least the first stage exists,[14] and the marina is considered to still be "under construction" in 2018.[15]

Cape Jaffa is located within the federal division of Barker, the state MacKillop and the local government area of the Kingston District Council.[3][4][5]



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