Cape Kolka

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Cape Kolka
Livonian: Kūolka nanā, Latvian: Kolkasrags
Kolkas rags.jpg
Cape Kolka.
Map showing the location of Cape Kolka
Map showing the location of Cape Kolka
Coordinates57°45′32.2″N 22°36′17.1″E / 57.758944°N 22.604750°E / 57.758944; 22.604750Coordinates: 57°45′32.2″N 22°36′17.1″E / 57.758944°N 22.604750°E / 57.758944; 22.604750
Offshore water bodiesIrbe Strait, Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea
Elevation2 metres (6 ft 7 in)
Kolka Signpost

Cape Kolka (Livonian: Kūolka nanā, Latvian: Kolkasrags, Old German name - Domesnes, Russian - Колка or мыс Домеснес) - cape on the Baltic Sea, near the entry to Gulf of Riga, on the Livonian coast, in the Courland Peninsula of Latvia. The cape is surrounded by the Irbe Strait (Irbes šaurums) which serves as the natural border with Estonia. Cape Kolka represents the north-western limit of the Gulf of Riga. East of the cape is the island of Ruhnu (Estonia) that lies in the middle of the Gulf.

Near the cape is Kolka lighthouse and the village of Kolka. There is a line of picturesque old Livonian settlements along the Baltic Sea shore, including Vaide, Saunags, Pitrags, Košrags and Sīkrags.

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