Cape Langeron

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Cape Langeron
Мис Ланжерон
View to the Cape Langeron from Luzanivka.jpg
View to the Gulf of Odessa from the Cape Langeron
LocationOdessa,  Ukraine
Coordinates46°28′37″N 30°45′57″E / 46.47694°N 30.76583°E / 46.47694; 30.76583Coordinates: 46°28′37″N 30°45′57″E / 46.47694°N 30.76583°E / 46.47694; 30.76583
Offshore water bodiesGulf of Odessa

Cape Langeron (Ukrainian: Мис Ланжерон) is a cape in the central part of the Gulf of Odessa. It is located in the centrum of the City of Odessa. The cape is named after Count Louis Alexandre Andrault de Langeron, the summer residence was located on this cape.