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Ras Muari Lighthouse
Ras Muari is located in Pakistan
Ras Muari
Location Ras Muari
Coordinates 24°49′35.2″N 66°39′52.0″E / 24.826444°N 66.664444°E / 24.826444; 66.664444
Year first constructed 1914
Foundation concrete base
Construction concrete tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern seaward: black and white horizontal bands tower
landward: unpainted tower
Height 48 metres (157 ft)
Focal height 49 metres (161 ft)
Range 25 nautical miles (46 km; 29 mi)
Characteristic Fl (2) W 10s.
Admiralty number D7745
NGA number 28500
ARLHS number PAK-003
Managing agent Mercantile Marine Department [1][2]

Ras Muari is a beach located along the shore of the Arabian Sea in Karachi, which stretches from Mubarak village to Yousuf Goth (Pacha)in Union Council Gabopat No 3, West Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.


There are many sandy and rocky beaches from Ras Mauri to Pacha. It is 25km long coastal belt, located along the shore of the Arabian Sea in Karachi. Ras Mauri stretches from Mubarak village to Yousuf Goth (Pacha) in Union Council Gabopat No 3, West Karachi. The land belongs to the Sindh revenue department. It has beautiful rocks and beaches which have natural resources like seaweeds, shells, oysters, coral, etc. It is a habitat of endangered species like whale, dolphin and turtle. Ras Mauri provides these rare species a natural environment and food. Turtles eat seaweeds and oysters, while jellyfish, crabs and lobster also feed on seaweeds. There is large quantity of seaweeds and oysters. Whale eats small fish apart from squid, krill, crab larvae, ghost shrimp and small bait fish such as capelin. There are fish nurseries. There are many sandy beaches where turtles come for hatching. Dogs and birds are destroying (eating) turtle eggs because there is no protection plan to keep turtle eggs safe. The Sindh government should take measures to protect these rare species under the marine protected area (MPA) policy. MPAs are protected areas of seas and oceans. MPAs restrict human activity for conservation purposes, typically to protect natural or cultural resources. Such MPAs must be established to protect ecosystems and preserve cultural resources such as sustain fisheries production. MPAs are particularly important because they also provide opportunities to people to study marine plants and animals. The world is adopting policies regarding the protection of marine life under the MPAs. But our government has no plan to take such measures. We have been destroying our natural resources owing to lack of policy. The Sindh government should declare Ras Mauri to Pacha as MPA.[3][4]

Ras Mauri Lighthouse[edit]

In 1916, the British Government of India, commission the Lightship Sindhi (now Ras Muari Lighthouse). Unlike other lighthouse, the lightships can be moved from one place to another. Most of the remaining lightships of the world are maintained purely for their historical and novelty value rather than for their maritime utility. But back in 1916, the Lightship Sindhi was a welcome addition to British India’s maritime assets. Built at the Royal Indian Navy in Bombay, it was meant to serve off the coast of Sindh. During World War I, it served off the Iranian island of Qais and was very valuable to maritime traffic. After the war, it was stationed off what was then known as the Hajamrao creek in the Indus Delta region. Its light is said to have been visible at a distance of 10 miles. Unlike Manora Point Lighthouse, Cape Monze lighthouse was not visible from Karachi or any other popular beach of the area. According to locals, the materials for building of lighthouse were brought into this remote area on camels, and to this day it happens the same way.[5]

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Coordinates: 24°49′35″N 66°39′53″E / 24.82639°N 66.66472°E / 24.82639; 66.66472