Cape North Vodka

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Cape North Vodka
Cape North Vodka 750 mL bottle
Type Vodka
Manufacturer The Cape North Company
Country of origin Sweden
Introduced 2008 in United States
Alcohol by volume 40.0%
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Cape North is a Swedish premium single-grain vodka made from the Swedish spring water and distilled in Bourgogne, France, with French musty grains. It is a clear vodka characterised by hints of vanilla and citrus on the nose and a clear finish.

The Cape North Company is owned by the Davidsson family, who has been active in this field of business for several generations. It is based in Loviselund, a landmark of Swedish spirit production history, that produced and delivered vodka during the 19th century to the royal Swedish household at Drottningholm (closely situated on the same Island, Lovön). Loviselund Manor was a morning gift to Queen Lovisa from Gustav III, the Swedish King who was very inspired by French culture.

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