Cape Northumberland (South Australia)

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Cape Northumberland
South Australia
Cape Northumberland is located in South Australia
Cape Northumberland
Cape Northumberland
Coordinates 38°04′S 140°40′E / 38.067°S 140.667°E / -38.067; 140.667Coordinates: 38°04′S 140°40′E / 38.067°S 140.667°E / -38.067; 140.667
Elevation 30 m (98 ft)[1]
Location 28 km (17 mi) south south-west of Mount Gambier

Cape Northumberland is a headland in the Australian state of South Australia located at the west end of MacDonnell Bay on the state's south east coast in the gazetted locality of Port MacDonnell about 28 kilometres (17 miles) south south west of the city of Mount Gambier. The cape is described by one source as being ‘about 30 metres (98 feet) high, is rugged and cliffy, with a hill rising to an elevation of 41 metres (135 feet) behind it.’ It is near the site of the lighthouse of the same name. It was named by the Royal Navy officer, James Grant, on 3 December 1800 after the Duke of Northumberland.[2] [1][3][4][5]

Cape Northumberland is the southernmost point in the state. The name "South Australia" itself is a tautological place name (Australia being Latin for "southern land"), even though the state is not the southernmost part of the Australian continent, nor of mainland Australia.

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