Cape Palliser

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Location of Cape Palliser

Cape Palliser is a promontory on the southern coast of New Zealand's North Island and is the southernmost point of the North Island; it is in fact considerably farther south than Nelson or Blenheim in the South Island.

It is located at the eastern end of Palliser Bay, 50 kilometres southeast of Wellington - 100 kilometres by road.

Cape Palliser and Lighthouse

A small settlement - Ngawi - is situated near Cape Palliser, where the main income comes from crayfish (southern rock lobster) fishing. Some 20 to 30 fishing boats are pushed into the sea on their trailers by bulldozers.

Kupe's Sail is another feature of Cape Palliser - a triangular upthrust of sedimentary rock shaped like a sail. Legend has it that Kupe sailed by Cape Palliser more than 1000 years ago.

The Cape Palliser Lighthouse is located here; an unmanned lighthouse blinking once every 20 seconds. It is also home to a permanent fur seal colony.

Cape Palliser was named by Captain James Cook in honour of 'his worthy friend' Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser of the British Royal Navy.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 41°36′49″S 175°17′25″E / 41.61361°S 175.29028°E / -41.61361; 175.29028