Cape Sabine

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For the cape in the United States, see Cape Sabine (Alaska).
Pim Island. Photographed in 2005
Pim Island to the memory of dead men from the expedition of Adolphus Greely. Photographed in 2005

Cape Sabine is a land point on Pim Island, in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada.


It was the site of the winter camp of Adolphus Greely and the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition in 1883/84.[1]

This cape was named after Arctic explorer Sir Edward Sabine (1788-1883).


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Coordinates: 78°43′55″N 074°06′00″W / 78.73194°N 74.10000°W / 78.73194; -74.10000 (Cape Sabine)