Cape Three Forks

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Location in Morocco.
Cape Three Forks Lighthouse.

Cape Three Forks is a headland on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. The Arabic name (Ras Tleta Madari), the French name (Cap des Trois Fourches) and the Spanish name (Cabo de Tres Forcas), all signify the same thing: the Cape of the Three Forks.

The cape is a large mountainous promontory of North Africa into the Mediterranean Sea. For centuries, this cape has provided both a nautical landmark and a maritime hazard for ships in the Alboran Sea. A lighthouse is located in the North end of the cape. It is a gray tower on white two-story dwelling. The Spanish exclave of Melilla is on the eastern side of the peninsula.

On August 26, 1923, the Spanish battleship España ran aground and eventually wrecked on the cape.

Cape Three Forks is a Ramsar designated site with no. 1473. It hosts different species, some of them threatened, such as the monk seal, two species of limpets (Patella ferruginea and Patella nigra), the Loggerhead turtle, the Fin whale and two species of dolphin (Tursiops truncatus and Delphinus delphis). The main activities taking place in the area are fishing and tourism.[1]


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Coordinates: 35°26′18″N 02°58′28″W / 35.43833°N 2.97444°W / 35.43833; -2.97444