Cape Town Holocaust Centre

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Cape Town Holocaust Centre
Cape Town Holocaust Centre is located in Cape Town
Cape Town Holocaust Centre
Location within Cape Town
Location88 Hatfield St, Cape Town, South Africa
Coordinates33°55′49″S 18°25′00″E / 33.9302989°S 18.4166267°E / -33.9302989; 18.4166267
TypeHolocaust museum
DirectorRichard Freedman

The Cape Town Holocaust Centre began as Africa's first Holocaust centre. The facility is one of three centres established by the South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation. The other two are located in Johannesburg and Durban. It is in the Albow Centre in Gardens, central Cape Town, South Africa.[1] They aim to bring to light stories of the survivors and ensure that the atrocities of the Holocaust are not forgotten. The museum boasts a permanent exhibition that combines text, archival photographs, film footage, documents, multimedia displays and recreated environments.[2] They also offer educational programs of many kinds, for groups such as students or educators. The Holocaust is taught within a South African context; lessons on racism and the apartheid are mixed together.



Tourist Information[edit]

The Centre is open from 10 am to 5 pm from Sunday-Thursday and 10-2 on Friday. Admission is free. Visitors can contact the centre at 021-462 5553 or[3]


The permanent exhibition is made up of three different galleries. The first is dedicated to Racism and Discrimination, the second to the Third Reich and the third to Ghettos.[4] Racism and Discrimination (Gallery 1) includes the following sections:

The Third Reich (Gallery 2) includes[edit]

  • Jewish life in Europe before the Holocaust
  • Germany and the rise of Nazism 1919-1933
  • The Third Reich 1933-1939
  • The power of propaganda (masses)
  • The power of propaganda (youth)
  • Antisemitic policies
  • They too were victims
  • The Nazi concentration camp universe
  • Nazi camps
  • Seeking refuge
  • Kristallnacht-The night of broken glass
  • Nazism engulfs the Jews of Europe
  • Collection on Deportation and the Death Camps
  • Collection on Seeking Justice

Ghettos (Gallery 3) includes[edit]

  • Segregation and isolation
  • The Warsaw Ghetto
  • Mass murder begins

Highlights Include:

  • Collection on Anne Frank
  • 20 minute video of Local survivors' Testimony



  • Gerald Diamond
  • Gerald Leissner
  • Ann Harris
  • Myra Osrin
  • Lew Heilbron
  • Prof Milton Shain
  • Prof Michael Katz
  • (Chairman) Mervyn Smith
  • Mary Kluk
  • Stephen Smith (UK)
  • Philip Krawitz

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