Cape Verdeans in France

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Cape Verdeans in France
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Paris, Marseille, Amiens, Lyon, Nice
French, Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole
Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Black people in France, Afro-French

Cape Verdeans in France are residents of France who are from Cape Verde or have Cape Verdean ancestry.

Cape Verdeans began arriving in France in 1964, from Rotterdam, Dakar, and Lisbon. They took jobs in the coals mines, in the iron foundries, and as masons. Women typically became domestics. The Cape Verdeans immigrants concentrated in the cities of Paris, Creil, Amiens, Marseilles, Lyon, and Nice.

In 1995, it was estimated that there were 8,000 Cape Verdeans in France.[1] The 1999 census counted 21,000 descendants.[2] In 2007, the embassy in Paris had 17,544 registered Cape Verdeans. However, that number only includes those who are documented and registered. There are many who are undocumented or who choose not to register with the embassy. Additionally, tabulating is difficult because many Cape Verdeans arrived in France with passports from other host countries, like Portugal or the Netherlands. Thus, taking all these factors into consideration, the embassy estimates that there are about 25,000 Cape Verdeans and their descendants currently residing in France.

In 2008, the Cape Verde Consulate in Marseille was attempting to help Cape Verdeans in France to find jobs.[3]

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