Cape Whitson

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The cape is an important breeding site for chinstrap penguins

Cape Whitson, is a headland on the south coast of Laurie Island, the easternmost and second largest of the South Orkney Islands of Antarctica. It lies about 9 km south-east of Argentina’s Orcadas Base.

Important Bird Area[edit]

Cape Whitson has been identified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International because it supports a large breeding colony of about 13,000 pairs of chinstrap penguins. The 54 ha IBA comprises the ice-free land of the cape, extending for 1.5 km between Aitken Cove and Methuen Cove. It has an elevation of less than 250 m.[1]


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Coordinates: 60°45′S 44°32′W / 60.750°S 44.533°W / -60.750; -44.533