Cape Zhelaniya

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Cape Zhelaniya
Мыс Желания
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Location of Cape Zhelaniya
Map showing the location of Cape Zhelaniya
Map showing the location of Cape Zhelaniya
Location Arkhangelsk Oblast,  Russia
Coordinates 76°57′16.08″N 68°34′54.41″E / 76.9544667°N 68.5817806°E / 76.9544667; 68.5817806Coordinates: 76°57′16.08″N 68°34′54.41″E / 76.9544667°N 68.5817806°E / 76.9544667; 68.5817806
Offshore water bodies Barents Sea / Kara Sea
Area Russian Far North

Cape Zhelaniya (Russian: Мыс Желания; Mys Zhelaniya; Желание being Russian for 'wish'), is a headland in the Russian Federation. It is an important geographical landmark. The area in the vicinity of the cape is a desolate place, exposed to bitter Arctic winters.


Cape Zhelaniya is located at the northern end of Severny Island, the northern island of Novaya Zemlya. This headland is a geographic point of reference to mark the separation between the northern ends of the Barents Sea and the Kara Sea.[1]

It belongs administratively to the Arkhangelsk Oblast of the Russian Federation.

View of Cape Zhelaniya
Cape Zhelaniya weather station


There was a Soviet Arctic station in Cape Zhelaniya in World War II which was shelled by the Kriegsmarine during Operation Wunderland.[2]

It became a secret experimental station during the Cold War while a multitude of nuclear tests, including 88 atmospheric ones, were conducted in Novaya Zemlya. It functioned as a weather station until 1994, and since 2005 there has been an automatic meteorological station located here.[3][4]


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