Capella, Queensland

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Main street, Capella, 2016.jpg
The Gregory Highway is the main street in Capella, 2016
Capella is located in Queensland
Coordinates 23°04′S 148°01′E / 23.067°S 148.017°E / -23.067; 148.017Coordinates: 23°04′S 148°01′E / 23.067°S 148.017°E / -23.067; 148.017
Population 926 (2011 census)[1]
Postcode(s) 4723
LGA(s) Central Highlands Region
State electorate(s) Gregory
Federal Division(s) Flynn
Localities around Capella:
Khosh Bulduk Khosh Bulduk Belcong
Hibernia Capella Belcong
Hibernia Chirnside Chirnside

Capella is a small town and locality in the Central Highlands Region, Queensland, Australia.[2][3] In the 2011 census, Capella had a population of 926 people.[1]


Capella is midway between Emerald and Clermont on the Gregory Highway. The highway passes through Capella from south to north as Capella's main street (also known as Peak Downs Street). Capella is served by the Capella railway station (23°05′00″S 148°01′17″E / 23.08333°S 148.02139°E / -23.08333; 148.02139 (Capella railway station))[4] on a railway line from Emerald to Blair Athol; it is a branch line of the Central Western railway line. The branch line also runs from north to south and is immediately adjacent and to the west of the highway.[5]

Capella Creek flows from east to west across the northern part of the locality to the immediate north of the town. Capella Creek is a tributary of the Nogoa River, which in turn is a tributary of the Fitzroy River which enters the Coral Sea.[5]


Capella was founded in the late 1860s by graziers influenced by the good reports of Ludwig Leichhardt. It takes its name from Capella Creek, which was in turn named after the star Capella probably by surveyor Charles Frederick Gregory.[2]

The Capella Post Office opened on 5 December 1882.[6]

Capella was the council seat of the former Shire of Peak Downs which was amalgamated in 2008 into the Central Highlands Region.[7]

Capella Provisional School opened in 1883 and became Capella State School in 1900. A pre-school was added in 1978. A secondary department was added in 1984, which on 23 January 1989 separated as Capella State High School.[8]

At the 2006 census, the town had a population of 796.[9]


Silos in Capella, 2016

Today, it is a service town catering to the large coal-mining interests in the area as well as pastoralists and farmers.


Peak Downs cemetery, 2016

The Peak Downs Shire cemetery is located in Walsh Street, Capella (23°04′50″S 148°00′32″E / 23.0806°S 148.0090°E / -23.0806; 148.0090 (Peak Downs cemetery)). The cemetery has a memorial listing those who were buried in the first Capella Cemetery (1865-1899) located east of Capella.[10]


Sport is a very big part of the town, especially Rugby League and Union. The Capella Cattledogs rugby union team made it to the grand final in 2007 against the Clermont Bushpigs.

Heritage listings[edit]

Capella has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:


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