Capellen Music Production

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Capellen Music Production
IndustryMusic production
FounderPetr Pololanik

Capellen Music Production (CMP) is a music production company. It specializes in film and pop symphony recordings, live concerts and other symphony related services (i.e. music preparation, orchestration, symphonic arrangements, etc.).

Since 2006, CMP uses its specific studio formations, Capellen Orchestra and Capellen Choir.

To date, CMP has produced music for many film and record companies (e.g. Warner Music, EMI Classics, Disney/Pixar, Maxis/Electronic Arts, Magic Circle Music, Java Music Productions....), trailer libraries (Two Steps From Hell, Position Music, audiomachine, Videohelper, FringeElements, Switch, XRayDog, Eternal Eclipse...), as well as sample developers (Garritan, Sonokinetic, 8dio, Performance Samples, EWQL, ...).

Founder and President of Capellen Music Production is Czech conductor, orchestrator and music producer, Petr Pololanik.



Live performances[edit]

  • Demons, Dragons And Warriors Tour (2005)
  • Demons, Dragons And Warriors World Tour (2007)
  • Elysium - Xmas Fantasy (2012–13)
  • Two Steps From Hell In Concert Live (2013)

Sample and sound libraries[edit]

  • Garritan Personal Orchestra (2003)
  • Garritan World Instruments (2010)
  • Tutti (2011)
  • Vivace (2012)
  • DaCapo (2012)
  • Garritan Pipe Organ (2012)
  • Minimal (2013)

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