House of Artois

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Arms of Artois, blazoned Azure semy de lys or, a label gules of three points each charged with three castles or. It was used to represent both the County of Artois and the senior male of the House of Artois.

The House of Artois was a cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty, descended from Louis VIII the Lion, King of France, through his younger son, Robert (1216 † 1250). Robert received the County of Artois as appanage in his father's will.

In 1297, Robert II, Count of Artois, was one of three Capetian princes to be added to the peerage of France. On his death in 1302, the county was claimed by his daughter Mahaut and his paternal grandson Robert III. The Parlement of Paris ruled in favor of Mahaut, and Robert III was given the lordship of Beaumont-le-Roger as compensation.

Robert later lost his lands by producing false documents in support of his claims in the Artois suit. The county of Artois was inherited by Mahaut's descendants, who married into the House of Burgundy, another branch of the Capetian dynasty.

The sons of Robert III received French titles and fought in the Hundred Years War against the English. The House of Artois became extinct in the male line in 1472.

Family tree[edit]

Louis VIII of France
Saint Louis Robert I
Count of Artois
Matilda of Brabant Charles of Anjou
Direct Capetians Henry I
King of Navarre
Blanche of Artois
Edmund Crouchback
Robert II
Count of Artois
Amicie de Courtenay
House of Anjou-Sicily
Otto IV
Count of Burgundy
Countess of Artois
Blanche of Brittany Robert
Marguerite (1285-1311)
x Louis of France
Count of Evreux
Robert III of Artois
Count of Beaumont
x Joan of Valois
Isabelle (1288-1344), a nun at Poissy Joan
x Gaston I
Count of Foix
x John I
Marquis of Namur
x John II
Count of Aumale
Isabelle de Melun John
Count of Eu
Count of Pézenas
Joan de Baucay
Simon de Thouars
Count of Dreux
Robert IV
Count of Eu
Count of Eu
Marie of Berry Charles
Joan de Saveuse Charles
Count of Eu
Hélène de Melun Philippe
Philip of Burgundy
Count of Nevers and Rethel
Bonne of Artois
Philip III the Good
Duke of Burgundy
Catherine (1397-1420) John of Bourbon
Lord of Carency