Capillary Action (band)

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Capillary Action
GenresExperimental rock
Years active2004–2012
  • Jonathan Pfeffer
  • Michael Harrist
  • Julian Chin
  • John DeHaven
  • Colin Hacklander
Past members
  • Dan Sutherland
  • Doug Stuart
  • Ricardo Lagomasino
  • Kevin McHugh
  • Spencer Russell
  • Sam Kulik
  • Lauren Day
  • Sam Krulewitch
  • Bryan Cook
  • Matt Davis
  • Noah Hecht
  • Curt Howard

Capillary Action was an American avant-rock/experimental music group formed at Oberlin College in 2004 by Philadelphia native Jonathan Pfeffer, the group's sole constant member, and active until 2012.

Capillary Action's self-described “confrontational cubist-pop” was characterized by an unusual blend of acoustic timbres; complex, constantly shifting meter; and Pfeffer's 12-tone and Philly soul-inspired baritone vocals. The lyrics often employed autobiographical themes to critique power structures.

The group performed extensively across North America and Europe alongside Joe Lally, The USA Is a Monster, The Max Levine Ensemble, Už jsme doma, Lightning Bolt, Dirty Projectors, Deerhoof, Les Claypool, Rhys Chatham, Shudder to Think, and Dos, among others.[1]

In 2009, Boston Phoenix named Capillary Action the Best New Band from New York, likening the group to "Both Elvises in a serious Burt Bachawreck with the Mothers of Invention".[2]

In 2011, Capillary Action performed at Willisau, Incubate, Primavera, Pop Revo, and Rumor Festivals.


  • So Embarrassing - 2008 (US), 2009 on Discorporate (EU)
  • Capsized - 2011


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