Capital District (Venezuela)

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Capital District
Location of Capital District
Coordinates: 10°29′35″N 66°55′16″W / 10.493°N 66.921°W / 10.493; -66.921Coordinates: 10°29′35″N 66°55′16″W / 10.493°N 66.921°W / 10.493; -66.921
Capital Caracas
 • Head of Government of the Capital District Daniel Aponte (PSUV)
 • Total 433 km2 (167 sq mi)
Population (2009)[1]
 • Total 2,097,400

The Capital District (Spanish: Distrito Capital) of Venezuela is a federal district corresponding to the capital Caracas. It has an area of 433 km2 and there is only one administrative division (municipio), Libertador, which contains about half of Caracas. It is the seat of the federal government and the head of the public powers.

The population in 2004 was 2,073,768. The District borders on the states of Vargas and Miranda.


Formerly it had its own local government with a governor, but the constitutional reform of 1999 abolished the district government and created instead the Metropolitan District of Caracas, with jurisdiction over the territory of the District and also four adjacent municipios (Baruta, Chacao, el Hatillo and Sucre) in Miranda which all together form the city.

On 13 April 2009, the National Assembly passed a law creating the figure of a head of government for the district which would be designated by the President.[2] On 14 April 2009, Jacqueline Faría became the first Head of Government of the Capital District.[3]



Race and ethnicity[edit]

According to the 2011 Census, the racial composition of the population was:[4]

Racial composition Population  %
White 1,079,892 51.2
Mestizo N/A 44.3
Black 69,602 3.3
Other race N/A 1.2

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