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The indoor arena at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The Capital Indoor Stadium (simplified Chinese: 首都体育馆; traditional Chinese: 首都體育館; pinyin: Shǒudū Tǐyùguǎn) is an indoor arena in Beijing, China that was built in 1968. It hosted matches between national table tennis teams of China and the United States in 1971; these matches were part of the exchange program known as ping pong diplomacy.[1]

Capital Indoor Stadium recently underwent a renovation and expansion that was completed in late 2007 for the 2008 Summer Olympics, where it hosted volleyball events.[2]

It was renovated in 2001 to become a venue for the 2001 Summer Universiade.

On 19 and 20 November 1999: Asian Tour No DoubtChage & Aska Asian Tour 1999. On 23 October 2010, the South Korean boy band, Super Junior performed two concerts at different times, the first time with their tour Super Show 3 with a sold-out crowd of 14,500 people and the second time with their tour Super Show 5 with a sold-out crowd of 13,896 people.

It has a capacity of 17,345 and a floor space of 54,707 square meters expanded from the old 53,000.

The stadium hosted one of the first NBA games in China, hosted on October 17, 2004 in front of a sellout capacity of 17,903.[3] It also hosted the first-ever professional football game featuring all-stars from the Arena Football League to help promote the new AFL China league (now known as the China American Football League.[4]


Coordinates: 39°56′19.70″N 116°19′16.20″E / 39.9388056°N 116.3211667°E / 39.9388056; 116.3211667