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Capital Pride's Official Logo: A star with two rings around it is the symbol used on a map that represents a capital city.

The Capital Pride Festival (French: Fierté dans la capitale) is the annual Pride event in Canada's National Capital Region, which includes the cities of Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec. It has been held annually since 1986.

Capital Pride is a non-profit organization. It is run by a board of directors and operational committees that are made up entirely of volunteers.

Capital Pride's Mission[edit]

The mission of Capital Pride is to perpetuate the spirit of pride in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, two-spirited and questioning (GLBTTQ) community in Canada’s National Capital Region of Ottawa–Gatineau.

Events are held throughout the year in partnership with other community groups, businesses and sponsors to help educate and promote the issues and interests of the GLBTTQ community, culminating in an entertaining and professional festival at the end of August.

The History of Pride in Ottawa[edit]

Ottawa’s first gay pride celebration was a picnic in Strathcona Park in June of 1986 and attended by about 50 people.[1] In 1989, the pride celebration became a week of activities: dances, exhibits, films, sporting events, and receptions.[citation needed]

In May 1997 the Pride Week Committee was incorporated as the Pride Committee of Ottawa–Gatineau and the festival received their first official proclamation from Ottawa City Council. In 1998 the Pride Week Committee received a letter of support from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.[2]

The annual festival was held at Festival Plaza at Ottawa City Hall until 2002, when it was moved to Bank Street. In 2005, the festival was moved from Bank Street back to Festival Plaza and the dates of the festival were changed from July to August.

In 2008, the Pride Committee of Ottawa–Gatineau was rebranded as Capital Pride.

From its humble beginnings as a picnic in the park, it has evolved into a city-wide 10-day festival of over 20 events, complete with a Pride Parade, Dyke March and other events that appeal to families, athletes, artists and all members of the GLBTTQ community.

In 2010, Pride Week included a rugby match between Canada's only two predominantly gay rugby teams, the Muddy York and the Ottawa Wolves. The historic match was played on the main lawn of Parliament on August 28, 2010.[3]

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