Capital Shakers

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Capital Shakers
Founded 1998
Disbanded 2007
Based in Wellington
Home venue TSB Bank Arena
Head coach Waimarama Taumaunu
Captain Frances Solia
League National Bank Cup
2007 placing 7th
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The Capital Shakers were a New Zealand netball team based in Wellington that competed in now defunct National Bank Cup competition. The Shakers franchise merged with the Western Flyers to form the Central Pulse in the ANZ Championship

2007 Shakers Squad[edit]

Competition history[edit]

  • 2007- 7th
  • 2006- 6th
  • 2005- 8th
  • 2004- 7th
  • 2003- 8th
  • 2002- 4th
  • 2001- 4th
  • 2000- 3rd
  • 1999- 7th
  • 1998- 8th

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