Capital Transit System

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Capital Transit System
City Transit Bus Center wm06.jpg
Buses waiting at the Downtown Transit Center, near the intersection of Egan Drive and Main Street.
Headquarters 10099 Bentwood Place
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Locale Juneau, Alaska
Service type bus service
Routes 3
Fuel type Diesel

The Capital Transit System is the public transportation agency that serves the city and burough of Juneau, Alaska. Owned by the municipality, it runs two seven-day routes and an additional one on weekdays.

Route list[edit]

  • Lemon Creek/Mendenhall Valley- The main route in the system, it serves three of the four primary populated places in the borough: Mendenhall Valley, Lemon Creek, and the city center of Juneau. In the west, the route makes a large loop through the Mendanhall Valley, serving the Mendenhall Mall, before travelling east along the older and more business lined Glacier Highway (as opposed to Eagan Drive, the bypass). While passing through the Lemon Creek area, it passes the Nugget Mall, Bartlett Regional Hospital, and various homes and business. It ends in the east with a narrow loop through central Juneau, passing various government buildings.
  • Express/University- This route offers quicker service to important locales, with more spaced out stops. In the west, it begins at the University of Alaska Southeast, then travels to Juneau International Airport and heads along Egan Drive to bypass most of Lemon Creek. It ends by making a short loop through the edge of Downtown Juneau.
  • Douglas- The fourth main population center of the borough is served by this route. It begins by making a narrow loop through Juneau's government corridor and downtown, before passing over the Juneau-Douglas Bridge and heading south along the Douglas Highway, ending at a loop where this road becomes St. Anne's Avenue.

Coordinates: 58°22′11″N 134°36′34″W / 58.36972°N 134.60944°W / 58.36972; -134.60944