Capital city of Warsaw (1919–39)

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In interbellum Poland, Warsaw was not only the capital of the Warszawa Voivodeship, but also it was a voivodeship itself, called “Miasto stoleczne Warszawa” (“The Capital City of Warsaw”). With the area of 141 km2. (134 km² of the four counties' area, plus 7 km² of the Vistula river) and population of 1 179 500 (as for 1931) it was considered a separate unit, just like any other voivodeship.


It was divided into 4 counties. These were:

  • South Warsaw county (powiat poludniowo-warszawski), (area 50 km², pop. 307 100),
  • North Warsaw county (powiat polnocno-warszawski), (area 31 km², pop. 478 200),
  • Warsaw-Praga county (powiat prasko-warszawski), (area 43 km², pop. 176 100),
  • Central Warsaw county (powiat srodmiejsko-warszawski), (area 10 km², pop. 218 100. It was the smallest and the most densely populated county in the 1930s Poland. Population density there was 22 415 persons per km2.).


  • Maly rocznik statystyczny 1939, Nakladem Glownego Urzedu Statystycznego, Warszawa 1939 (Concise Statistical Year-Book of Poland, Warsaw 1939).

Coordinates: 52°14′00″N 21°01′00″E / 52.233333°N 21.016667°E / 52.233333; 21.016667