Capital punishment in Cambodia

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Capital punishment in Cambodia is abolished. Cambodia abolished the death penalty in 1989.[1]

Cambodia is one of only two ASEAN countries (the other being the Philippines) to have abolished capital punishment.[2] [3]


The Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia (1993) at Art. 32 states:[1]

"All people have the right to life, freedom and personal security. There shall be no capital punishment."


In 1995, First Prime Minister Prince Norodom Ranariddh made calls for Capital punishment by calling for murderers and drug traffickers to be killed by the State.[4]

In 2019, Prime Minister Hun Sen said that he was considering introducing the death penalty for people who rape children, but he said it would only happen after a nationwide referendum.[5][6][7] A couple days after this announcement, Hun Sen shifted his stance.[8][9]

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