Capitancillo Island

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Capitancillo Islet (5751157394).jpg
Capitancillo Islet, Bogo, Cebu
Capitancillo is located in Visayas
Location within the Philippines
Capitancillo is located in Philippines
Capitancillo (Philippines)
LocationVisayan Sea
Coordinates10°59′25″N 124°06′14″E / 10.9903°N 124.1039°E / 10.9903; 124.1039Coordinates: 10°59′25″N 124°06′14″E / 10.9903°N 124.1039°E / 10.9903; 124.1039
ArchipelagoCentral Visayas
Adjacent bodies of waterCamotes Sea
Area600 ha (1,500 acres)
Highest elevation4.5 m (14.8 ft)[1]

Capitancillo (historically Islote de Captitoncillo and variously Capitancillo islet) is a small coral island (about 600 hectares in size) near Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines. The island is a protected marine sanctuary, featuring three dive sites and a lighthouse.

Location and geography[edit]

Capitancillo is a small uninhabited island northeast of Cebu Island in the Camotes Sea. It is 6.1 kilometres (3.8 mi) east of Odlot barangay, Bogo City. Three areas around the island (the Ormoc Shoal, the Nuñez Shoal, and the southwest wall of Capitancillo) are recognized dive sites. Polambato Port, Nailon Wharf, Marangog Cove, and Odlot Hideaway all serve as jumping-off points to the island from Bogo, and the trip takes anywhere from fifteen to 45 minutes. There are no stores nor accommodation available on the island.[2]


Legends surrounding the island state that Capitancillo was named after Captain Basillo, the captain of a Spanish trading vessel. According to the legends, Captain Basillo insulted a local datu, named Bugtopasan. Bugtopasan cursed Captain Basillo and put a spell on him, transforming the Captain's galleon into the island.[3]


The original lighthouse was listed in the Faros Españoles de Ultramar as one of 27 major lighthouses of the Philippines.[4][5] The Capitancillo lighthouse was built in 1905, with the current white steel tower dating from the 1950s. The tower is 83 feet (25 m) high and flashes three white lights every ten seconds [Fl.(3)W.10s]. The lighthouse's designations are • NGA 112-14800 • Admiralty number F 2406 ARLHS PHI-079.[6]

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