Capitol Films

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Capitol Films
Industry Motion pictures
Fate Bankruptcy
Founded 1989
Defunct 2012
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA, USA
Subsidiaries ThinkFilm

Capitol Films was a British film production and distribution company, founded in 1989.[1] In January 2006 it was sold to American Mobius Pictures,[2] owned by entrepreneur and film producer David Bergstein, and placed it at the hub of his Pegasus Studios. In early 2010, David Bergstein's appointment as director for the British company was terminated and the company was placed in receivership.[3] In October 2010 the US branch of the company was forced into bankruptcy,[4] and in January 2012 a group of creditors filed a proposal with a federal bankruptcy court in Los Angeles to take over and liquidate five companies formerly controlled by David Bergstein, among them Capitol Films.[5]

Capitol Films was involved in the production of some fifty films, among them A Good Man in Africa (1994), Death and the Maiden (1994), Wilde (1997), Dancing at Lughnasa (1998), Gosford Park (2001), Elvis Has Left the Building (2004), and Lucky Number Slevin (2006).[6]


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