Capo Colonna

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Capo Colonna
Promunturium Lacinium
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The last column of the Temple dedicated to Hera Lacinia.
Map showing the location of Capo Colonna
Map showing the location of Capo Colonna
Location in Italy
Location Calabria, Italy
Coordinates 39°01′46″N 17°12′18″E / 39.02944°N 17.20500°E / 39.02944; 17.20500Coordinates: 39°01′46″N 17°12′18″E / 39.02944°N 17.20500°E / 39.02944; 17.20500
Offshore water bodies Ionian Sea

Capo Colonna (sometimes Capo Colonne or Capo della Colonne; anciently Promunturium Lacinium) is a cape of Calabria located near Crotone.

On the cape still stands a single column of the temple erected to Hera Lacinia, which is said to have been fairly complete in the 16th century, but to have been destroyed to build the episcopal palace at Crotone. It is a Doric column with capital, about 27 ft. in height. Remains of marble roof-tiles have been seen on the spot (Livy xlii.3) and architectural fragments were excavated in 1886-1887 by the Archaeological Institute of America. The sculptures found were mostly buried again, but a few fragments, some decorative terra-cottas and a dedicatory inscription to Hera of the 6th century BC, in private possession at Crotone, are described by F. von Duhn in Notizie degli scavi, 1897, 343 seq. The date of the erection of the temple may be given as 480-440 BC; it is not recorded by any ancient writer.


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