Capo di Milazzo

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Capo di Milazzo
Capo di Milazzo 060913.jpg
Capo di Milazzo, Sicily
Capo di Milazzo is located in Sicily
Capo di Milazzo
LocationCapo di Milazzo
Coordinates38°16′13.7″N 15°13′51.4″E / 38.270472°N 15.230944°E / 38.270472; 15.230944Coordinates: 38°16′13.7″N 15°13′51.4″E / 38.270472°N 15.230944°E / 38.270472; 15.230944

Capo di Milazzo is a thin peninsula on the north eastern part of the island of Sicily which extends into the Tyrrhenian Sea towards the Lipari Islands. The town of Milazzo is located on the centre of the peninsula.

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