Capon Oak Tree

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Capon Oak Tree

The Capon Oak Tree is one of the last surviving trees of the ancient Jedforest, close to Jed Water, a small river which has cut a course below soft sandstone cliffs.

It is located 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Jedburgh, Scotland, west of the A68. The Capon Tree is held together with concrete, bricks and timber beams supporting its trunk and branches due to a massive split down the middle of the trunk.[1] The tree continues to grow.

Trees are being replanted in the Borders to establish a renewal of the ancient 'Caledon Wood,' or great northern forest, which included Ettrick Forest and Jedforest.

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Coordinates: 55°27′44″N 2°33′17″W / 55.46219°N 2.554628°W / 55.46219; -2.554628