Caprice (1913 film)

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Caprice 1913 scene - newspaperpublicity.jpg
Scene from the film.
Directed by J. Searle Dawley
Produced by Adolph Zukor
Daniel Frohman
Written by Howard P. Taylor (play)
Starring Mary Pickford
Owen Moore
Cinematography H. Lyman Broening
Distributed by State's Rights
Famous Players Film Company
Release date
  • November 10, 1913 (1913-11-10)
Running time
4 reels
Country United States
Language Silent

Caprice is a 1913 silent film produced by Daniel Frohman and Adolph Zukor released by Famous Players Film Company and starring Mary Pickford. J. Searle Dawley directed.[1] Though Zukor helped finance the film it was distributed on a 'State's Rights' arrangement primarily since no Paramount Pictures had yet to exist. The story of this film had been acted on the stage by a young Minnie Maddern Fiske in the 1880s, one of her earliest successes as an adult actress. The same story gives Pickford the chance to arise to the height of a fine actress instead of just merely a popular performer. This film is lost.[1][2]



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