Capricorn (manga)

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Genre Adventure
Written by Johji Manabe
Published by Shinshokan
Demographic Shōnen
Original run 19881990
Volumes 5
Original video animation
Directed by Takashi Imanishi
Studio Aubec
Licensed by
Released April 5, 1991
Runtime 45 minutes
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Capricorn (カプリコン?) is a 5-volume manga series by Johji Manabe. It was later adapted into an anime OVA and released on April 5, 1991 by Aubec.[1]

The story mostly takes place on an Earthlike world, an otherdimensional planet from which the Earth (the "Capricorn" of the title) can occasionally be glimpsed in the sky. The planet's inhabitants, ruled by a decadent king, are almost all intelligent, anthropomorphic animals; one exception is the human-looking Mona, a young and adventurous woman. Mona's scholarly friend, an elderly anthropomorphic mouse, becomes caught up in a conspiracy to replace the monarchy with a military dictatorship. Against this backdrop, two young Japanese suddenly materialise on the planet: the high-school student Taku Shimamura and his sister Tamaki.


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