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Capsa Network Analyzer
Stable release
11.1[1] / 18 April 2018; 2 years ago (2018-04-18)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypePacket analyzer
LicenseFreeware Shareware

Capsa is the name for a family of packet analyzer developed by Colasoft for network administrators to monitor, troubleshoot and analyze wired & wireless networks. Currently, there are three editions available: Capsa Enterprise Edition, Capsa Standard Edition, and Capsa Free Edition.

Advance Features[edit]

  • Captures packets from a single or multiple network adapters
  • Analyzes the header & contents of each packet
  • Provides statistics on MAC & IP address
  • Analyze Protocol (Data link -> Application Layer)
  • Diagnoses 40 kinds of network problems
  • Presents statistics in graphs
  • Alerts Computer network anomalies
  • Outputs packets & logs to files
  • Logs DNS, web browsing, Email, FTP & IM services

Capsa Enterprise Edition[edit]

Capsa Enterprise Edition is the flagship of Colasoft Capsa packet analyzer family, it supports both Ethernet and WLAN networks. It performs real-time packet capturing and analysis as well as supporting past-events analysis. It is marketed as a tool for enterprise network administrator to help them deal with daily network work, various kinds of network problem and maintain a productive enterprise network.

Capsa Standard Edition[edit]

Capsa Standard Edition is an Ethernet packet analyzer designed for networking professionals or small business network administrators. It is marketed as a network tool for network monitoring, troubleshooting and analyzing purposes.

Capsa Free Edition[edit]

Capsa Free Edition is a freeware Ethernet packet analyzer designed by Colasoft for personal use. It is marketed as a tool for network geeks to learn protocols, packets, and other networking related knowledge, and it is free of charge for personal or family users' network monitoring or troubleshooting needs. Anyone can download Capsa Free Edition at Colasoft website for any legal noncommercial use.

Comparison of editions[edit]

Feature Enterprise Edition Standard Edition Free Edition
Monitors WiFi Connections Yes No No
IP Addresses Monitored Unlimited Unlimited 10
Session Timeout Length Unlimited Unlimited 4 hours
Adapter Monitors Yes Yes Yes
Manually Save Files Yes Yes Yes
Online Auto-Update Yes Yes No
Run Multiple Projects Yes Yes No
Support Multiple Adapters Yes Yes No
Support Network TAP Yes Yes No
Printing Yes Yes No
Export Data Yes Yes No
Log output function Yes Yes No
Fast Speed Packet Replay Yes Yes No
Process View Yes Yes No
Application View Yes Yes No
TCP Port Scan View Yes No No
VoIP View Yes No No
Reports Yes No No
Diagnosis Function Yes No No
Security Analysis Profile Yes No No
Custom Reports Yes No No
Packet Auto-output Function Yes No No
Auto-Scheduling Yes No No
ARP Attack View Yes No No
Worm View Yes No No
DoS Attacking View Yes No No
DoS Attacked View Yes No No
Suspicious Conversation View Yes No No


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