Captain America (vol. 5)

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Captain America (vol. 5)
Cover to Captain America (vol. 5) #25 ("The Death of Captain America: The Death of the Dream Part One").
Art by Steve Epting.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date January 2005 – July 2009
No. of issues 50
Main character(s) Captain America
Creative team
Written by Ed Brubaker
Artist(s) Steve Epting, Michael Lark, Mike Perkins, Butch Guice, Luke Ross
Colorist(s) Frank D'Armata

Captain America (vol. 5) was an ongoing comic book series published for four years from January 2005 to July 2009 by Marvel Comics. It starred the superhero Captain America, and the entire series was written by Ed Brubaker. It was the fifth Captain America series with this title to be published, following series that ran from 1968–1996, 1996–1997, 1998–2002, and 2002-2004. After its fiftieth issue (July 2009), the series was renumbered to match the numbering of all the volumes of the title (454, 13, 50, 32, and 50), and volume 1 resumed publication with issue #600 with Brubaker remaining as writer.

The series was best known for reviving Captain America's World War II partner Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier in issue #6, the presumed death of Steve Rogers in issue #25, and Bucky taking over the mantle of Captain America in issue #34.

Story arcs[edit]

  • "Out of Time" (#1-6)
  • "Interlude: The Lonesome Death of Jack Monroe" (#7)
  • "The Winter Soldier" (#8-9 & 11-14)
  • "House of M" (#10)
  • "Red is the Darkest Color" (#15)
  • "Collision Courses" (#16-17)
  • "Twenty-First Century Blitz" (#18-21)
  • "The Drums of War" (#22-24)
  • "The Death of Captain America: The Death of the Dream" (#25-30)
  • "The Death of Captain America Act Two: The Burden of Dreams" (#31-36)
  • "The Death of Captain America Act Three: The Man Who Bought America" (#37-42)
  • "Time's Arrow" (#43-45)
  • "Old Friends and Enemies" (#46-48)
  • "The Daughter of Time" (#49)
  • "Days Gone By" (#50)

One shots[edit]

In addition to the regular series, two one shot issues written by Ed Brubaker were published in coordination with ongoing stories.

  • Captain America 65th Anniversary Special (May 2006) follows up issues 15-17.
  • Winter Soldier: Winter Kills (February 2007) takes place at the same time as issues 22-24.




Collected editions[edit]

Ultimate Collections[edit]

  • Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection (#1-9 & 11-14) ISBN 978-0785143413
  • Captain America: Red Menace Ultimate Collection (#15-21 and Captain America 65th Anniversary Special) ISBN 978-0785156178
  • Captain America: The Death of Captain America Ultimate Collection (#22-42 and Winter Soldier: Winter Kills) ISBN 978-0785183792

Marvel Omnibus[edit]

  • Captain America Omnibus Volume 1 (#1-25, Captain America 65th Anniversary Special, and Winter Soldier: Winter Kills) ISBN 9780785128663
  • Captain America Omnibus Volume 2: The Death of Captain America (#25-42) ISBN 978-0785138068
  • Captain America Omnibus Volume 3: Captain America Lives! (#43-50, volume 1 #600-601, and Captain America: Reborn #1-6) ISBN 978-0785145141
  • Captain America Omnibus Volume 4: The Trial of Captain America ("Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield? 1", volume 1 #602-610, Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1-4, volume 1 # 611-619, 615.1, and Captain America (2011) #1-10) ISBN 978-0785192725
  • Captain America Omnibus Volume 5: Return of the Winter Soldier (Captain America and Bucky #620-628, Fear Itself 7.1: Captain America, Winter Soldier #1-5, Captain America (2011) #11-19, Winter Soldier #6-14) ISBN 978-0785192718