Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness

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Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness
Captain Bible.jpg
Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness box art
Publisher(s)Bridgestone Multimedia Group

Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness is a Christian video game title released by Bridgestone Multimedia Group in 1994. The main focus of the game is scripture memorization but action video game elements can also play a significant role depending on options selected during setup.

While the "original version" of the software is not available legally for free, a stripped-down 'Special Edition' remains available as a free download from a variety of sites.


The game centers on a city of humans which was one day encased by a Dome of Darkness, perpetrated by robot "cybers," who have trapped the citizens in "lies". While the organization known as Bible Corps. has managed to make a hole in the dome, they have not been able to accomplish much more.

Captain Bible is engaged by Bible Corps. to be beamed into the city. Though he is able to take his computer Bible with him, all of the verses are erased. To remedy this, Bible Corps. beams Scripture stations into the city where he may reload it. Gameplay centers on Captain Bible obtaining these verses and using them to confront the cybers who obstruct the hallways of the buildings in the city. An optional feature allows the player to engage the cybers in hand-to-hand combat, which is performed using the Sword of the Spirit and the Shield of Faith.

The game is presumably set in the somewhat distant future based upon several of the game details, including the cybers themselves, the transporter-type device used to beam Captain Bible into the Dome, and the spacecraft he uses in the opening screen to fly to the command post.

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