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Captain Morgan
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Country of originJamaica
Alcohol by volume35%
Proof (US)70 (Original)
  • Private Stock
  • Silver Spiced
  • Tattoo
  • 100 Proof
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Lime Bite
  • Black
  • 1671
  • Gingerbread (Christmas 2020)
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Captain Morgan is a brand of flavored rums (including, in Europe, some rum-flavored "premium spirit drinks") produced by British alcohol conglomerate Diageo. It is named after the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan.[1]


In 1984, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum was introduced to the United States.[2] Captain Morgan was, by volume, the second largest brand of spirits in the United States, and the seventh largest worldwide in 2007. In 2007, 7.6 million 9-litre cases were sold. Most Captain Morgan rum is sold in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, and Global Travel.[3]

In November 2009, the NFL banned a covert ad campaign allegedly put on by Diageo. It was understood that for each NFL player striking the "Captain Morgan" pose on camera during a regular season game, Diageo would donate US$10,000 (equivalent to $12,063 in 2020) to the Gridiron Greats (a non-profit which helps retired NFL players with various hardships after leaving the game). The league made this announcement following such a celebration by Brent Celek of the Philadelphia Eagles.[4]

In 2010 two American territories, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands bickered over plans for Captain Morgan to move operations to the Virgin Islands for tax reasons.[5] The matter came to a head during a debate in the United States Congress over the USVI's attempt to use tax benefits to lure the company to that territory.[6]

In 2014, Diageo Canada filed a trade dress infringement lawsuit against Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc, claiming striking similarities between the Captain Morgan character and Admiral Nelson, and that the similarity would dilute the Captain Morgan trademark.[7] Diageo Canada won the lawsuit in 2017.[8]

In 2020, the brand launch a new product called Captain Morgan Tiki. This new pineapple mango flavors rum is available in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Germany.[9]


  • White Rum — A five-times distilled rum that is aged in white oak barrels for over a year, and then filtered to remove the colour, except for the Atlantic Canadian market, where it retains a greenish tinge.[10][11]
  • Tiki — A limited edition rum with pineapple and mango flavors to pair with lemonade.[9]

In popular culture[edit]

Before and after the 2015 SummerSlam event, John Cena used the brand as a nickname for Seth Rollins (the WWE World Heavyweight Champion) on WWE's Monday Night Raw show.[12][13] In 2016, Diageo created special limited edition bottles to commemorate Wes Morgan captaining Leicester City F.C. to the 2015-16 Premier League title.[14]

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