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"Captain Nemo" is the debut single by Swedish band Dive (Chris Lancelot and Erik Holmberg), released in 1990. The song is named after the legendary character Captain Nemo from the novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Sarah Brightman version[edit]

"Captain Nemo"
Single by Sarah Brightman
from the album Dive
A-side"Captain Nemo"
  • "When It Rains in America"
  • "Island"
Format7", CD
GenreClassical Crossover
Producer(s)Frank Peterson
Sarah Brightman singles chronology
"Amigos Para Siempre'"
"Captain Nemo"
"The Second Element"
Audio sample

"Captain Nemo" is the first single from Sarah Brightman's album, Dive. A music video was made for the song.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Captain Nemo (Radio edit)"
  2. "When it Rains in America"
  3. "Island"
  4. "Captain Nemo" (Extended album version)

Alternate 2-track edition[edit]

  1. "Captain Nemo (Radio Edit)"
  2. "Island (LP Version)"

Other covers[edit]