Captain Sternn

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Captain Sternn
Captain Sternn and Beezer.jpg
Captain Sternn with Beezer
Art by Bernie Wrightson
Publication information
Publisher Heavy Metal
Kitchen Sink Press
First appearance In print:
Heavy Metal Vol. 4, #3 (June 1980)
In animation:
Heavy Metal (animated movie, 1981)
Created by Bernie Wrightson
In-story information
Full name Lincoln F. Sternn
Partnerships Beezer
Hanover Fiste

Captain Sternn is a comic book character created by Bernie Wrightson.

Personality and appearance[edit]

Captain Sternn is considered "part Han Solo, part James Garner from The Great Escape".[1] The character, as written by Wrightson, is an amoral space captain whose adventures are set in the future. Sternn is sometimes considered a criminal with charges ranging from rape to piracy.

He is associated with supporting characters Hanover Fiste and Justin Tyme.

He is drawn as a caricature of Superman, although his clothing is different; he wears a pseudo-military uniform. He is always accompanied by a small, levitating one-eyed robot, named Beezer, that is his most faithful companion.


First conceptualized in the late 1970s, Captain Sternn was developed by artist Bernie Wrightson during his time at The Studio. The character's first published adventure was developed for Tyrannosaurus Press in 1977, and was eventually published in 1980 in Heavy Metal Magazine.

Publication history[edit]

  • Heavy Metal Vol.4, #3 (June, 1980) - "Captain Sternn" (reprinted in Heavy Metal Special: One Step Beyond (January, 1996))
  • Dreadstar #6 (September, 1983)
  • Amazing Heroes #194 (September, 1991)
  • Captain Stern: Running Out of Time #1-5 (1993 - 1994)
  • Heavy Metal: The Movie (October, 1996) - "Captain Sternn" a

Film adaptation[edit]

Captain Sternn's original story was adapted as the segment "Captain Sternn" of the 1981 film Heavy Metal. He was voiced by Eugene Levy.

References in other works[edit]

Hanover Fiste[clarification needed] was mentioned by name a couple of times in the Dreadstar book, both in the Bernie Wrightson stories starring Aldo Gorney published in issue #6-7 [2] [3] and by Tuetun in issue #12.


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a This is the comic version of the segment "Captain Sternn" of the Heavy Metal film, not the original story.

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