Captain William Moore Bridge

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The Captain William Moore Bridge is a 110-foot suspension bridge on the Klondike Highway, 17 miles from Skagway, Alaska. The bridge allows traffic to pass over the Moore Creek Gorge, which flows through a fault line. To stop the bridge from getting completely torn apart from an earthquake and movements through the fault line the bridge is only anchored at one end.

Captain William Moore Bridge

Built in 1976, the bridge has already deteriorated to the point of needing replacement. A similarly designed replacement would also have a limited life, so its replacement is actually going to be a non-bridge. The state is filling in the gorge, leaving a large culvert for water to continue flowing, and the top of the concrete fill-in will be the base upon which the road deck will be built. Construction, begun in 2016, is expected to be completed in the fall of 2019, at the conclusion of which the bridge will serve as a pedestrian walkway.[1]


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