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The Captain of the Parish is an official in each parish in the Isle of Man—formerly the title was Captain of the Parish Militia, but it is now only a titular honour. Historically the Captain of the Parish was authorised to raise his own militia in his parish and had the duty to light beacons informing the parish of an invasion.

A Captain of the Parish is referred to by the prenominal title Captain (e.g. Captain Charles Fargher). A person may hold the Captaincy of more than one parish at any one time. The title is held until death, unless it is removed for bad conduct, which has not occurred for many centuries.

Parish Captain
Andreas Parish Dorothy Sayle
Arbory Parish Raymond Gawne
Ballaugh Parish Edgar Cowin
Braddan Parish Philip Caley
Bride Parish William Christian
German Parish Allen Corlett
Jurby Parish John Quayle
Lezayre Parish Dennis Duggan
Lonan Parish Jack Faragher
Malew Parish Roy Gelling
Marown Parish Charles Fargher MBE JP
Maughold Parish Hazel Lace
Michael District John Cannell
Onchan District Peter Kelly MBE
Patrick Parish Patricia Costain JP
Rushen Parish Stanley Clucas
Santon Parish Donald Gelling CBE

Although Onchan and Michael are now Districts for local authority purposes, the districts are also ancient parishes and so they still have Captains of the Parish.

The equivalent title for towns is Captain of the Town; however this title is no longer used. The town areas of the Isle of Man are:

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