Capture of Cambridge

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Capture of Cambridge
Part of March on London in the Despenser wars
Date September 26, 1326
Location Cambridge, England
Result Isabella and Mortimer's victory
Marcher Lords Royalists
Commanders and leaders
Isabella of France
Roger Mortimer
Edward II of England
1,500 unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Capture of Cambridge was executed by Isabella of France and Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March during the Despenser wars.

March to Cambridge[edit]

Edward II of England was cooped up in London, watching Isabella of France, his ex-wife, move into English soil. The rebels moved out to March on London. Isabella's forces had not lost a man yet, taking countless villages and towns. Edward II moved not, daring not to reveal his incompetence. The rebel army moved out. On September 26, they reached Cambridge. They took the town from Edward's defenders after a short battle.

Coordinates: 52°12′19″N 0°07′53″E / 52.2053°N 0.1313°E / 52.2053; 0.1313