Capture of Roxburgh

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This article is about the battle in 1460. For the battle in 1313, see Siege of Roxburgh Castle.
Capture of Roxburgh
Part of the Anglo-Scottish Border Wars
Date 3 August 1460
Location Roxburgh Castle, Anglo-Scottish Border
55°35′48″N 2°27′24″W / 55.5966°N 2.4566°W / 55.5966; -2.4566Coordinates: 55°35′48″N 2°27′24″W / 55.5966°N 2.4566°W / 55.5966; -2.4566
Result Limited Scottish victory
Flag of Scotland.svg Kingdom of Scotland
Flag of England.svg Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
James II of Scotland Unknown  (POW)
Unknown number of infantry and cannons Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown, James II dead Unknown

The capture of Roxburgh, was a siege that took place during the Anglo-Scottish Wars. James II of Scotland had started a campaign to capture back all Scotland's castles from England, for the English were presently involved in a civil war. Roxburgh Castle was one of the last remaining English strongholds in Scotland and James led a large army and several cannons to take it. Victory was near when one of the King's cannons exploded and killed him. His army nonetheless took the castle. James' queen Mary of Guelders ordered the castle destroyed shortly after its capture.[1][2]


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