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Captured Tracks
Founded2008 (2008)
FounderMike Sniper
Distributor(s)BWSCD, Inc. and Caroline Distribution
GenreIndie pop, indie rock, post-punk, dream pop
Country of originUnited States
LocationBrooklyn, New York
Official website

Captured Tracks is an American independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York.[1][2] The label was founded in 2008 by Mike Sniper.[3]


Current flagship artists include: Chris Cohen, Craft Spells, DIIV and Wild Nothing.[4][5]

Captured Tracks has reissued recordings by influential British artists the Monochrome Set, the Wake, the Servants, Stockholm Monsters and the Cleaners from Venus.[6]

The label has also reissued recordings from New Zealand's Flying Nun Records, L.A.'s Medicine and Nebraska's For Against, among others.[7]

The label's current roster of artists includes:

B Boys, Becca Mancari, Chastity, Chris Cohen, Craft Spells, DIIV, Dinner, Drahla, Juan Wauters, Locate S,1, Martin Newell, Meredith Graves, Molly Burch, Mourn, Reptaliens, Wax Chattels, Widowspeak, Wild Nothing[8]


Cat. No. Artist Title (format) Year
CT-001 Dum Dum Girls Dum Dum Girls (EP) 2009
CT-002 Blank Dogs Seconds (12", EP, Ltd) 2009
CT-003 Repairs Repairs EP (Cass) 2009
CT-004 Woods Sunlit (7") 2009
CT-005 Brilliant Colors Brilliant Colors (7") 2009
CT-006 The Mayfair Set The Mayfair Set (Single) 2009
CT-007 Gary War Opens (Cass) 2009
CT-008 The Bitters Wooden Glove (12", EP) 2009
CT-009 Blessure Grave Learn to Love the Rope (12", EP) 2009
CT-010 The Beets Spit in the Face of People Who Don't Want to Be Cool (LP/CD, Album) 2009
CT-011 The German Measles Don't Hassle Us We're Loco (Cass) 2009
CT-012 Kid Romance F*** Punx/I Use Electricity (7") 2009
CT-012 Kid Romance Thriller (Cass) 2009
CT-013 Blank Dogs Slow Room! (7") 2009
CT-014 Roman Soldiers Roman Soldiers (7") 2009
CT-015 Teenage Panzerkorps Knut Hamsun EP (7", EP, Ltd) 2009
CT-016 The Beets Don't Fit in My Head (7") 2009
CT-017 Little Girls Youth Tunes (7") 2009
CT-019 Various Captured Tracks Mix CD (CDr, Comp) 2009
CT-020 Brilliant Colors Brilliant Colors (12", EP) 2009
CT-021 The Mayfair Set Young One (LP/CD, Album) 2009
CT-022 Gary War Galactic Citizens (12", EP) 2009
CT-023 Grass Widow Grass Widow (12") 2009
CT-025 The Bitters East (7", Single) 2009
CT-026 Ganglians Blood On The Sand (7") 2009
CT-027 Thee Oh Sees Dog Poison (LP, Album) 2009
CT-028 Spectrals Leave Me Be (7", Single) 2009
CT-029 Christmas Island Nineteen/Twenty-Nine (7", Single) 2009
CT-030 The German Measles Wild E.P. (12") 2009
CT-031 Beachniks Beachniks (7") 2009
CT-032 Silk Flowers As Above So Below (12", Mini-album) 2009
CT-033 Led Er Est Poll Gorm (7") 2009
CT-034 The Girls at Dawn The Girls at Dawn (12", EP) 2009
CT-035 Wild Nothing Summer Holiday (7", Single) 2009
CT-036 Veronica Falls Found Love in a Graveyard (7", Single) 2010
CT-037 Dignan Porch On a Ride/The Day Things Changed (7", Single) 2010
CT-038 Hanoi Janes Across the Sea/Skeleton Girl (7", Single) 2010
CT-039 Wetdog Lower Leg (7") 2009
CT-040 Cosmetics Soft Skin (7", Ltd) 2010
CT-041 Wetdog Frauhaus! (LP) 2010
CT-042 Beach Fossils Daydream (7") 2010
CT-044 The Beets Locomotion (7", Single) 2010
CT-045 Hanoi Janes Year of Panic (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-046 The Fresh & Onlys August in My Mind (12", Mini-album) 2010
CT-047 The Soft Moon Breathe the Fire (7", Single) 2010
CT-048 Minks Funeral Song (7", Single) 2010
CT-049 Wild Nothing Cloudbusting (7") 2010
CT-050 Blank Dogs Phrases (12", EP, Single) 2010
CT-051 Dignan Porch Tendrils (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-052 La La Vasquez Hello (7", Single) 2010
CT-053 Girls Names Girls Names (12", EP) 2010
CT-055 Cosmetics Sleepwalking (7", Single, Cle) 2010
CT-056 Blank Dogs The Singles (Cass, Comp, C60) 2010
CT-057 Blank Dogs The EPs (Cass, Comp) 2010
CT-058 Blank Dogs On Two Sides/The Fields (Cass, Comp) 2010
CT-059 Blank Dogs Under and Under (2xCass, Album) 2010
CT-060 Blank Dogs Leaves (Cass, Ltd, C10) 2010
CT-061 Soft Healer Gentle One (7", Single) 2010
CT-062 Tim Cohen Laugh Tracks (LP, Album) 2010
CT-063 Aias Aias/Canvis (7", Single) 2010
CT-067 Beach Fossils Beach Fossils (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-068 Wild Nothing Gemini (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-069 Soft Metals The Cold World Melts (12", Whi) 2010
CT-070 Hanoi Janes Specks Ho! (7") 2010
CT-071 Minks Ophelia (7", Single) 2010
CT-072 The Soft Moon Parallels (Single) 2010
CT-073 The Monochrome Set White Noice: Early Recordings, 1975–1977 (Mini-album, Comp) 2010
CT-074 Veronica Falls Beachy Head (7") 2010
CT-075 Aias A La Piscina (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-079 Wild Nothing Golden Haze (EP) 2010
CT-080 The Beets Stay Home (12", EP) 2011
CT-081 Craft Spells Party Talk (7") 2010
CT-082 Further Reductions Decidedly So/Not Unknown (7") 2010
CT-083 Blank Dogs Land and Fixed (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-084 Beach Fossils Face It/Distance (Single) 2010
CT-085 The Soft Moon The Soft Moon (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-086 Minks By the Hedge (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-087 The Jameses Caribou (7") 2010
CT-088 Catwalk (Please) Don't Break Me (7", Single) 2010
CT-089 The Beets Time Brought Age (7") 2011
CT-091 Tim Cohen Tim Cohen's Magic Trick (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-092 Dignan Porch Deluded (EP) 2011
CT-093 Catwalk One by Words (7", Single) 2011
CT-094 Craft Spells After the Moment (7") 2011
CT-095 Beach Fossils What a Pleasure (EP) 2011
CT-096 Tim Cohen Bad Blood (2x7", EP) 2011
CT-097 Minks Araby (Cass, Ltd) 2011
CT-098 Widowspeak Harsh Realm/Burnout (Single) 2011
CT-099 Blouse Into Black/Firestarter 2011
CT-100 Zodiacs Faraway Friend (7") 2011
CT-101 Craft Spells Idle Labor (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-102 Led Er Est May (12", EP) 2011
CT-103 The Wake On Our Honeymoon (7", Single) 2011
CT-104 The Wake Crush the Flowers (7", Single) 2011
CT-105 Beach Fossils & Wild Nothing Gruesome Flowers (7") 2011
CT-106 Catwalk The Yay! Recordings (Cass, Comp) 2011
CT-107 Thieves Like Us Your Love Runs Still EP (12") 2011
CT-108 Blank Dogs Collected by Itself: 2006–2009 (Comp) 2011
CT-109 Blank Dogs On Two Sides (LP, Album, Ltd, RE) 2011
CT-110 Jeff & Jane Hudson Flesh (Comp) 2011
CT-111 The Servants Youth Club Disco (LP, Album, Comp) 2011
CT-112 Hoop Dreams XCPR (7") 2011
CT-113 The McTells The McTells (Cass, C30) 2011
CT-114 The McTells Expecting Joe (Cass, C30) 2011
CT-115 Widowspeak Gun Shy (Single) 2011
CT-116 Soft Metals Soft Metals (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-117 Silk Flowers Days of Arrest (EP) 2011
CT-118 Widowspeak Widowspeak (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-119 Thieves Like Us Your Heart Feels (12") 2011
CT-120 Covergirl Paris Burns (7") 2011
CT-121 Minks Araby (7", Single) 2011
CT-122 Heavenly Beat Suday (7", Single, Ltd, Whi) 2011
CT-123 DIIV Sometime (Single) 2011
CT-124 The Soft Moon Total Decay (EP) 2011
CT-125 Blouse Blouse (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-126 Nick Nicely Elegant Daze: 1979-1986 (LP, Album, Comp) 2011
CT-127 Should A Folding Sieve (LP, Album, RE) 2011
CT-128 Deardarkhead Oceanside: 1991–1993 (LP, Album, Comp) 2011
CT-129 Should Resonate (Cass, Ltd) 2011
CT-130 Deardarkhead Spiral Down and Vibrate (Cass, Ltd) 2011
CT-131 DIIV Human (7") 2011
CT-132 Medicine Time Baby II (7") 2011
CT-133 Heavenly Beat Faithless (7") 2011
CT-134 Thieves Like Us Berlin/Alex (LP, Album) 2011
CT-135 Jesse Ruins A Bookshelf Sinks into the Sand (7") 2011
CT-136 Grabbel and the Final Cut Get Your Feet Back on the Ground (7") 2011
CT-137 Wild Nothing Nowhere (7") 2012
CT-138 Jesse Ruins Dream Analysis (12"EP/CD) 2012
CT-139 Beach Fossils Shallow (7") 2012
CT-140 Mac DeMarco Rock and Roll Nightclub (12"EP/CD) 2012
CT-141 Mac DeMarco Only You (7") 2012
CT-142 Half String Maps for Sleep (2xLP/CD) 2012
CT-143 Thieves Like Us Bleed Bleed Bleed (LP/CD) 2012
CT-144 Holograms ABC City (7") 2012
CT-145 The Cleaners from Venus Blow Away Your Troubles (2xLP) 2012
CT-146 The Cleaners from Venus On Any Normal Monday (LP) 2012
CT-147 The Cleaners from Venus Midnight Cleaners (LP) 2012
CT-145-147 The Cleaners from Venus The Cleaners from Venus Vol 1. (4xLP/3xCD) 2012
CT-148 Medicine Shot Forth Self Living (2xLP/2xCD) 2012
CT-149 Medicine The Buried Life (Expanded) (2xLP/2xCD) 2012
CT-150 Medicine Sounds of Medicine (LP) 2012
CT-151 Medicine Always Starting to Stop (Cass) 2012
CT-152 The Wake Here Comes Everybody + Singles (82-87) 2012
CT-153 Blouse & Craft Spells Gruesome Flowers 2: A Tribute to The Wake (7") 2012
CT-154 DIIV Geist (7") 2012
CT-155 Craft Spells Gallery (EP) 2012
CT-156 The Soft Moon vs. John Foxx & the Maths Evidence (7") 2012
CT-158 DIIV Oshin 2012
CT-159 Holograms Holograms (LP/CD, Album) 2012
CT-160 Heavenly Beat Talent (LP/CD) 2012
CT-161 Dignan Porch Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen (LP/CD) 2012
CT-162 Wild Nothing Nocturne 2012
CT-163 Chris Cohen Overgrown Path 2012
CT-164 Mac DeMarco 2 2012
CT-165 The Soft Moon Zeros (LP) 2012
CT-166 Naomi Punk The Feeling (LP/CD) 2012
CT-167-169 For Against For Against (LP box) 2013
CT-170 Widowspeak Almanac (LP/CD) 2013
CT-171 Beach Fossils Clash the Truth (LP/CD/Cass) 2013
CT-172 Alex Calder Time (EP/CD) 2013
CT-173 Bona Dish The Zaragoza Tapes: 1981–1982 (LP/CD) 2013
CT-174 Wild Nothing Empty Estate (12" EP/CD) 2013
CT-175 The Cleaners from Venus In the Golden Autumn (LP) 2013
CT-176 The Cleaners from Venus Under Wartime Conditions (LP) 2013
CT-177 The Cleaners from Venus Songs for a Fallow Land (LP) 2013
CT-178 The Cleaners from Venus A Dawn Chorus (LP) 2013
CT-179 The Cleaners from Venus The Cleaners from Venus Vol. 2 (LP box/4xCD) 2013
CT-180 Earth Dies Burning Songs from the Valley of the Bored Teenager (1981–1984) (LP/CD) 2013
CT-181 Saada Bonaire Saada Bonaire (2LP/CD) 2013
CT-182 Soft Metals Lenses (LP/CD) 2013
CT-183 Medicine To the Happy Few (LP/CD) 2013
CT-184 Minks Tides End (LP/CD) 2013
CT-185 The Servants Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manqués (2LP) 2013
CT-186 Holograms Forever (LP) 2013
CT-187 Blouse Imperium (LP/CD) 2013
CT-188 Heavenly Beat Prominence (LP/CD) 2013
CT-189 Widowspeak The Swamps (EP) 2013
CT-190 Juan Wauters N.A.P.: North American Poetry (LP/CD) 2014
CT-191 Axxa/Abraxas Axxa/Abraxas (LP/CD) 2014
CT-192 Perfect Pussy Say Yes to Love (LP/CD) 2014
CT-193 Mac DeMarco Salad Days (LP/CD) 2014
CT-194 Milk N' Cookies Not Enough Girls in the World b/w Nots (7" RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-195 Medicine Part Time Punks "In Session" Live LP (12" LP RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-196 Bok Bok Come Back to Me b/w Misfit (7" RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-197 Skylon Skylon v/w Skylon (Acoustic Demo) (7" RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-198 Cosmetics Olympia...Plus (12" LP RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-199 The Snow Memory Loss b/w Joy of Life (7" RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-200 Craft Spells Nausea (LP/CD) 2014
CT-201 Stockholm Monsters All at Once (LP + 7") 2014
CT-202 The Cleaners from Venus Living with Victoria Grey (LP) 2014
CT-203 The Cleaners from Venus Number Thirteen (LP) 2014
CT-204 The Cleaners from Venus My Back Wages (LP) 2014
CT-205 The Cleaners from Venus Extra Wages (LP) 2014
CT-202-205 The Cleaners from Venus The Cleaners from Venus Vol.3 (4xLP/4xCD) 2014
CT-206 The Apartments The Evening Visits...And Stays for Years (2xLP/2xCD) 2015
CT-207 Donovan Blanc Donovan Blanc (LP/CD) 2014
CT-208 The Outsiders Close Up (LP) 2014
CT-209 Naomi Punk Television Man (LP/CD) 2014
CT-210 Shiny Two Shiny When the Rain Stops (LP/CD) 2014
CT-211 Juan Wauters & Carmelle Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur (12" EP) 2015
CT-212 Medicine Home Everywhere (LP/CD) 2014
CT-213 Alex Calder Strange Dreams (LP/CD) 2014
CT-214 Perfect Pussy I Have Lost All Desire for Feeling (12" EP/CD) 2015
CT-216 Mourn Mourn (LP/CD)[9] 2015
CT-217 Nic Hessler Soft Connections (LP/CD) 2015
CT-218 The Soft Moon Deeper (LP/CD) 2015
CT-219 Pale Blue The Past We Leave Behind (2xLP/CD) 2015
CT-220 David Westlake Play Dusty for Me (LP) 2015
CT-221 Alex Calder Mold Boy (LP) 2015
CT-222 Martin Newell Teatime Assortment (2xLP/CD) 2015
CT-224 Juan Wauters Who Me? (LP/CD) 2015
CT-225 EZTV Dust in the Sky (7") 2015
CT-226 EZTV Calling Out (LP/CD) 2015
CT-227 Mourn Gertrudis, Get Through This! (7") 2015
CT-228 Mac DeMarco Another One (Mini LP/CD) 2015
CT-230 Widowspeak All Yours (LP/CD) 2015
CT-231 DIIV Is the Is Are (LP/CD) 2016
CT-232 Wild Nothing Life of Pause (LP/CD) 2016
CT-235 Luna Lunapark (as a part of CTBOX-005 'Long Players 92-99' LP Box Set) 2016
CT-236 Luna Bewitched (as a part of CTBOX-005 'Long Players 92-99' LP Box Set) 2016
CT-237 Luna Penthouse (as a part of CTBOX-005 'Long Players 92-99' LP Box Set) 2016
CT-238 Luna Pup Tent (as a part of CTBOX-005 'Long Players 92-99' LP Box Set) 2016
CT-239 Luna Days of Our Nights (as a part of CTBOX-005 'Long Players 92-99' LP Box Set) 2016
CT-240 Luna Rarities (as a part of CTBOX-005 'Long Players 92-99' LP Box Set) 2016
CT-242 Lina Tullgren Wishlist EP (12") 2016
CT-243 Mourn Ha, Ha, He. (LP/CD) 2016
CT-244 B Boys No Worry No Mind EP (12"/CD) 2016
CT-245 Boulevards Groove (LP/CD) 2016
CT-246 Dinner Psychic Lovers (LP/CD) 2016
CT-247 Chris Cohen As If Apart (LP/CD) 2016
CT-248 Chris Cohen One Demonstration and One Cover (7") 2016
CT-249 Brotherhood of Lizards Lizardland (2xLP/CD) 2016
CT-250 EZTV High in Place (LP/CD) 2016
CT-251 Molly Burch Downhearted (7") 2016
CT-252 The Stray Trolleys Barricades and Angels (LP/CD) 2017
CT-253 Molly Burch Please Be Mine (LP/CD) 2017
CT-255 Chastity TAPE (Cassette) 2017
CT-256 Chastity Peroxide (7") 2017
CT-257 Lina Tullgren Won (LP/CD) 2017
CT-258 B Boys Dada (LP/CD) 2017
CT-259 Cleaners from Venus Best of... (LP) 2017
CT-260 Mac DeMarco This Old Dog (LP/CD) 2017
CT-261 Reptaliens Prequel (7") 2017
CT-262 Gabriella Cohen Full Closure and No Details (LP/CD) 2017
CT-264 The 6th's Wasp's Nest (LP) 2017
CT-265 Naomi Punk Yellow (2xLP/CD) 2017
CT-266 Widowspeak Expect the Best (LP/CD) 2017
CT-267 Dinner New Work (LP/CD) 2017
CT-268 Reptaliens FM-2030 (LP/CD) 2017
CT-269 Chastity Chains EP (12") 2017
CT-270 Wax Chattels Stay Disappointed (7") 2017
CT-271 Martin Newell The Greatest Living Englishman (LP) 2017
CT-272 Robert Earl Thomas Another Age (LP/CD) 2018
CT-273 Wax Chattels Wax Chattels (LP/CD) 2018
CT-274 Gabriella Cohen Pink is the Colour of Unconditional Love (LP/CD) 2018
CT-277 Capital Punishment Roadkill (LP/CD) 2018
CT-278 Mourn Sorpresa Familia (LP/CD) 2018
CT-279 Chastity Death Lust (LP/CD) 2018
CT-280 Molly Burch First Flower (LP/CD) 2018
CT-281 Various Artists CT10 Sampler Volume 1 (LP) 2018
CT-282 Wild Nothing Indigo (LP/CD) 2018
CT-283 Lina Tullgren Always Fine (7") 2018
CT-287 Drahla A Compact Cassette (Cassette) 2018
CT-288 Drahla Twelve Divisions of the Day (7") 2018
CT-289 Various Artists CT10 Sampler Volume 2 (LP) 2018
CT-290 Capital Punishment This Is Capital Punishment EP (12") 2018
CT-291 EZTV Daytime (Digital Single) 2018
CT-292 Reptaliens Echo Park (7") 2018
CT-294 HXXS MKDRONE EP (12") 2018
CT-295 Chris Cohen Chris Cohen (LP/CD) 2019
CT-296 Drahla Useless Coordinates (LP/CD) 2019
CT-297 Juan Wauters La Onda de Juan Pablo (LP/CD) 2019
CT-298 Juan Wauters Introducing Juan Pablo (LP/CD) 2019
CT-300 DIIV Deceiver (LP/CD) 2019
CT-301 Reptaliens VALIS (LP/CD) 2019
CT-303 Anders Rhedin Kyoto Window (Cassette) 2019
CT-304 Anders Rhedin Guided Sleep Meditation (Digital) 2019
CT-305 Anders Rhedin The City That Sleeps (Digital) 2019
CT-306 Anders Rhedin Images (Digital) 2019
CT-308 Chastity Death Lust Cuts (Digital EP) 2019
CT-309 Lina Tullgren Free Cell (LP/CD) 2019
CT-310 B Boys Dudu (LP/CD) 2019
CT-312 HXXS Year of the Witch (LP/CD) 2019
CT-313 Chastity Home Made Satan (LP/CD) 2019
CT-314 Molly Burch Ballads (7") 2019
CT-315 Molly Burch The Molly Burch Christmas Album 2019
CT-316 Locate S,1 Personalia (LP/CD) 2020
CT-317 Becca Mancari The Greatest Part (LP/CD) 2020
CT-318 Widowspeak Plum (LP/CD) 2020
CT-319 Wax Chattels Clot (LP/CD) 2020
CT-320 Ben Chatrer What Have I Done! (7") 2020
CT-321 The Shifters Left Bereft (7") 2020
CT-326 Becca Mancari The Greatest Part (CD) 2020
CT-327 Mourn Self Worth (LP/CD) 2020
CT-330 Molly Burch Emotion (7") 2021
CT-335 Linda Smith Till Another Time: 1988-1996 (LP/CD) 2021
CT-336 Martin Newell The Off White Album 2021



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