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Captured Tracks
Founded 2008 (2008)
Founder Mike Sniper
Genre Indie pop, indie rock, post-punk, dream pop
Country of origin United States
Location Brooklyn, New York
Official website

Captured Tracks is an American, Brooklyn-based, independent record label.


Current artists include: Beach Fossils, Blouse, Craft Spells, Mac DeMarco, Chris Cohen, DIIV, Medicine, Perfect Pussy, Soft Metals, the Soft Moon, Widowspeak and Wild Nothing.

Captured Tracks has reissued recordings by influential British artists the Monochrome Set, the Wake, the Servants and the Cleaners from Venus.

The label is also conducting a series of reissues by Medicine, For Against and others.

Captured Tracks discography[edit]

Captured Tracks releases are intended to remain in print, with represses as needed.[1]

Catalogue number Artist Title (format) Year
CT-001 Dum Dum Girls Dum Dum Girls (EP) 2009
CT-002 Blank Dogs Seconds (12", EP, Ltd) 2009
CT-003 Repairs Repairs EP (Cass) 2009
CT-004 Woods Sunlit (7") 2009
CT-005 Brilliant Colors Brilliant Colors (7") 2009
CT-006 The Mayfair Set The Mayfair Set (Single) 2009
CT-007 Gary War Opens (Cass) 2009
CT-008 The Bitters Wooden Glove (12", EP) 2009
CT-009 Blessure Grave Learn To Love The Rope (12", EP) 2009
CT-010 The Beets Spit In The Face Of People Who Don't Want To Be Cool (LP/CD, Album) 2009
CT-011 The German Measles Don't Hassle Us We're Loco (Cass) 2009
CT-012 Kid Romance F*** Punx/I Use Electricity (7") 2009
CT-012 Kid Romance Thriller (Cass) 2009
CT-013 Blank Dogs Slow Room! (7") 2009
CT-014 Roman Soldiers Roman Soldiers (7") 2009
CT-015 Teenage Panzerkorps Knut Hamsun EP (7", EP, Ltd) 2009
CT-016 The Beets Don't Fit In My Head (7") 2009
CT-017 Little Girls Youth Tunes (7") 2009
CT-019 Various Captured Tracks Mix CD (CDr, Comp) 2009
CT-020 Brilliant Colors Brilliant Colors (12", EP) 2009
CT-021 The Mayfair Set Young One (LP/CD, Album) 2009
CT-022 Gary War Galactic Citizens (12", EP) 2009
CT-023 Grass Widow Grass Widow (12") 2009
CT-025 The Bitters East (7", Single) 2009
CT-026 Ganglians Blood On The Sand (7") 2009
CT-027 Thee Oh Sees Dog Poison (LP, Album) 2009
CT-028 Spectrals Leave Me Be (7", Single) 2009
CT-029 Christmas Island Nineteen/Twenty-Nine (7", Single) 2009
CT-030 The German Measles Wild E.P. (12") 2009
CT-031 Beachniks Beachniks (7") 2009
CT-032 Silk Flowers As Above So Below (12", Mini-album) 2009
CT-033 Led Er Est Poll Gorm (7") 2009
CT-034 The Girls At Dawn The Girls At Dawn (12", EP) 2009
CT-035 Wild Nothing Summer Holiday (7", Single) 2009
CT-036 Veronica Falls Found Love In A Graveyard (7", Single) 2010
CT-037 Dignan Porch On A Ride/The Day Things Changed (7", Single) 2010
CT-038 Hanoi Janes Across The Sea/Skeleton Girl (7", Single) 2010
CT-039 Wetdog Lower Leg (7") 2009
CT-040 Cosmetics Soft Skin (7", Ltd) 2010
CT-041 Wetdog Frauhaus! (LP) 2010
CT-042 Beach Fossils Daydream (7") 2010
CT-044 The Beets Locomotion (7", Single) 2010
CT-045 Hanoi Janes Year Of Panic (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-046 The Fresh & Onlys August In My Mind (12", Mini-album) 2010
CT-047 The Soft Moon Breathe The Fire (7", Single) 2010
CT-048 Minks Funeral Song (7", Single) 2010
CT-049 Wild Nothing Cloudbusting (7") 2010
CT-050 Blank Dogs Phrases (12", EP, Single) 2010
CT-051 Dignan Porch Tendrils (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-052 La La Vasquez Hello (7", Single) 2010
CT-053 Girls Names Girls Names (12", EP) 2010
CT-055 Cosmetics Sleepwalking (7", Single, Cle) 2010
CT-056 Blank Dogs The Singles (Cass, Comp, C60) 2010
CT-057 Blank Dogs The EPs (Cass, Comp) 2010
CT-058 Blank Dogs On Two Sides/The Fields (Cass, Comp) 2010
CT-059 Blank Dogs Under And Under (2xCass, Album) 2010
CT-060 Blank Dogs Leaves (Cass, Ltd, C10) 2010
CT-061 Soft Healer Gentle One (7", Single) 2010
CT-062 Tim Cohen Laugh Tracks (LP, Album) 2010
CT-063 Aias Aias/Canvis (7", Single) 2010
CT-067 Beach Fossils Beach Fossils (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-068 Wild Nothing Gemini (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-069 Soft Metals The Cold World Melts (12", Whi) 2010
CT-070 Hanoi Janes Specks Ho! (7") 2010
CT-071 Minks Ophelia (7", Single) 2010
CT-072 The Soft Moon Parallels (Single) 2010
CT-073 The Monochrome Set White Noice: Early Recordings, 1975-1977 (Mini-album, Comp) 2010
CT-074 Veronica Falls Beachy Head (7") 2010
CT-075 Aias A La Piscina (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-079 Wild Nothing Golden Haze (EP) 2010
CT-080 The Beets Stay Home (12", EP) 2011
CT-081 Craft Spells Party Talk (7") 2010
CT-082 Further Reductions Decidedly So/Not Unknown (7") 2010
CT-083 Blank Dogs Land And Fixed (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-084 Beach Fossils Face It/Distance (Single) 2010
CT-085 The Soft Moon The Soft Moon (LP/CD, Album) 2010
CT-086 Minks By The Hedge (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-087 The Jameses Caribou (7") 2010
CT-088 Catwalk (Please) Don't Break Me (7", Single) 2010
CT-089 The Beets Time Brought Age (7") 2011
CT-091 Tim Cohen Tim Cohen's Magic Trick (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-092 Dignan Porch Deluded (EP) 2011
CT-093 Catwalk One By Words (7", Single) 2011
CT-094 Craft Spells After The Moment (7") 2011
CT-095 Beach Fossils What A Pleasure (EP) 2011
CT-096 Tim Cohen Bad Blood (2x7", EP) 2011
CT-097 Minks Araby (Cass, Ltd) 2011
CT-098 Widowspeak Harsh Realm/Burnout (Single) 2011
CT-099 Blouse Into Black/Firestarter 2011
CT-100 Zodiacs Faraway Friend (7") 2011
CT-101 Craft Spells Idle Labor (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-102 Led Er Est May (12", EP) 2011
CT-103 The Wake On Our Honeymoon (7", Single) 2011
CT-104 The Wake Crush The Flowers (7", Single) 2011
CT-105 Beach Fossils & Wild Nothing Gruesome Flowers (7") 2011
CT-106 Catwalk The Yay! Recordings (Cass, Comp) 2011
CT-107 Thieves Like Us Your Love Runs Still EP (12") 2011
CT-108 Blank Dogs Collected By Itself: 2006-2009 (Comp) 2011
CT-109 Blank Dogs On Two Sides (LP, Album, Ltd, RE) 2011
CT-110 Jeff & Jane Hudson Flesh (Comp) 2011
CT-111 The Servants Youth Club Disco (LP, Album, Comp) 2011
CT-112 Hoop Dreams XCPR (7") 2011
CT-113 The McTells The McTells (Cass, C30) 2011
CT-114 The McTells Expecting Joe (Cass, C30) 2011
CT-115 Widowspeak Gun Shy (Single) 2011
CT-116 Soft Metals Soft Metals (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-117 Silk Flowers Days of Arrest (EP) 2011
CT-118 Widowspeak Widowspeak (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-119 Thieves Like Us Your Heart Feels (12") 2011
CT-120 Covergirl Paris Burns (7") 2011
CT-121 Minks Araby (7", Single) 2011
CT-122 Heavenly Beat Suday (7", Single, Ltd, Whi) 2011
CT-123 Dive Sometime (Single) 2011
CT-124 The Soft Moon Total Decay (EP) 2011
CT-125 Blouse Blouse (LP/CD, Album) 2011
CT-126 Nick Nicely Elegant Daze: 1979-1986 (LP, Album, Comp) 2011
CT-127 Should A Folding Sieve (LP, Album, RE) 2011
CT-128 Deardarkhead Oceanside: 1991 - 1993 (LP, Album, Comp) 2011
CT-129 Should Resonate (Cass, Ltd) 2011
CT-130 Deardarkhead Spiral Down and Vibrate (Cass, Ltd) 2011
CT-131 Dive Human (7") 2011
CT-132 Medicine Time Baby II (7") 2011
CT-133 Heavenly Beat Faithless (7") 2011
CT-134 Thieves Like Us Berlin/Alex (LP, Album) 2011
CT-135 Jesse Ruins A Bookshelf Sinks into the Sand (7") 2011
CT-136 Grabbel and the Final Cut Get Your Feet Back on the Ground (7") 2011
CT-137 Wild Nothing Nowhere (7") 2012
CT-138 Jesse Ruins Dream Analysis (12"EP/CD) 2012
CT-139 Beach Fossils Shallow (7") 2012
CT-140 Mac DeMarco Rock and Roll Nightclub (12"EP/CD) 2012
CT-141 Mac DeMarco Only You (7") 2012
CT-142 Half String Maps for Sleep (2xLP/CD) 2012
CT-143 Thieves Like Us Bleed Bleed Bleed (LP/CD) 2012
CT-144 Holograms ABC City (7") 2012
CT-145 The Cleaners from Venus Blow Away Your Troubles (2xLP) 2012
CT-146 The Cleaners from Venus On Any Normal Monday (LP) 2012
CT-147 The Cleaners from Venus Midnight Cleaners (LP) 2012
CT-145-147 The Cleaners from Venus The Cleaners from Venus Vol 1. (4xLP/3xCD) 2012
CT-148 Medicine Shot Forth Self Living (2xLP/2xCD) 2012
CT-149 Medicine The Buried Life (Expanded) (2xLP/2xCD) 2012
CT-150 Medicine Sounds of Medicine (LP) 2012
CT-151 Medicine Always Starting to Stop (Cass) 2012
CT-152 The Wake Here Comes Everybody + Singles (82-87) 2012
CT-153 Blouse & Craft Spells Gruesome Flowers 2: A Tribute to The Wake (7") 2012
CT-154 DIIV Geist (7") 2012
CT-155 Craft Spells Gallery (EP) 2012
CT-156 The Soft Moon vs. John Foxx & the Maths Evidence (7") 2012
CT-158 DIIV Oshin 2012
CT-159 Holograms Holograms (LP/CD, Album) 2012
CT-160 Heavenly Beat Talent (LP/CD) 2012
CT-161 Dignan Porch Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen (LP/CD) 2012
CT-162 Wild Nothing Nocturne 2012
CT-163 Chris Cohen Overgrown Path 2012
CT-164 Mac DeMarco 2 2012
CT-165 The Soft Moon Zeros (LP) 2012
CT-166 Naomi Punk The Feeling (LP/CD) 2012
CT-167-169 For Against For Against (LP box) 2013
CT-170 Widowspeak Almanac (LP/CD) 2013
CT-171 Beach Fossils Clash the Truth (LP/CD/Cass) 2013
CT-172 Alex Calder Time (EP/CD) 2013
CT-173 Bona Dish The Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982 (LP/CD) 2013
CT-174 Wild Nothing Empty Estate (12" EP/CD) 2013
CT-175 The Cleaners from Venus In the Golden Autumn (LP) 2013
CT-176 The Cleaners from Venus Under Wartime Conditions (LP) 2013
CT-177 The Cleaners from Venus Songs for a Fallow Land (LP) 2013
CT-178 The Cleaners from Venus A Dawn Chorus (LP) 2013
CT-179 The Cleaners from Venus The Cleaners from Venus Vol. 2 (LP box/4xCD) 2013
CT-180 Earth Dies Burning Songs from the Valley of the Bored Teenager (1981-1984) (LP/CD) 2013
CT-181 Saada Bonaire Saada Bonaire (2LP/CD) 2013
CT-182 Soft Metals Lenses (LP/CD) 2013
CT-183 Medicine To the Happy Few (LP/CD) 2013
CT-184 Minks Tides End (LP/CD) 2013
CT-185 The Servants Small Time / Hey Hey We're The Manqués (2LP) 2013
CT-186 Holograms Forever (LP) 2013
CT-187 Blouse Imperium (LP/CD) 2013
CT-188 Heavenly Beat Prominence (LP/CD) 2013
CT-189 Widowspeak The Swamps (EP) 2013
CT-190 Juan Wauters N.A.P.: North American Poetry (LP/CD) 2014
CT-191 Axxa/Abraxas Axxa/Abraxas (LP/CD) 2014
CT-192 Perfect Pussy Say Yes to Love (LP/CD) 2014
CT-193 Mac DeMarco Salad Days (LP/CD) 2014
CT-194 Milk N' Cookies Not Enough Girls in the World b/w Nots (7" RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-195 Medicine Part Time Punks "In Session" Live LP (12" LP RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-196 Bok Bok Come Back to Me b/w Misfit (7" RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-197 Skylon Skylon v/w Skylon (Acoustic Demo) (7" RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-198 Cosmetics Olympia...Plus (12" LP RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-199 The Snow Memory Loss b/w Joy of Life (7" RSD Exclusive) 2014
CT-200 Craft Spells Nausea (LP/CD) 2014
CT-201 Stockholm Monsters All At Once (LP + 7") 2014
CT-202 The Cleaners from Venus Living with Victoria Grey (LP) 2014
CT-203 The Cleaners from Venus Number Thirteen (LP) 2014
CT-204 The Cleaners from Venus My Back Wages (LP) 2014
CT-205 The Cleaners from Venus Extra Wages (LP) 2014
CT-202-205 The Cleaners from Venus The Cleaners from Venus Vol.3 (4xLP/4xCD) 2014
CT-206 The Apartments The Evening Visits...And Stays for Years (2xLP/2xCD) 2015
CT-207 Donovan Blanc Donovan Blanc (LP/CD) 2014
CT-208 The Outsiders Close Up (LP) 2014
CT-209 Naomi Punk Television Man (LP/CD) 2014
CT-210 Shiny Two Shiny When the Rain Stops (LP/CD) 2014
CT-211 Juan Wauters & Carmelle Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur (12" EP) 2015
CT-212 Medicine Home Everywhere (LP/CD) 2014
CT-213 Alex Calder Strange Dreams (LP/CD) 2014
CT-214 Perfect Pussy I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling (12" EP/CD) 2015
CT-216 Mourn Mourn (LP/CD)[2] 2015
CT-217 Nic Hessler Soft Connections (LP/CD) 2015
CT-218 The Soft Moon Deeper (LP/CD) 2015
CT-219 Pale Blue The Past We Leave Behind (2xLP/CD) 2015
CT-220 David Westlake Play Dusty for Me (LP) 2015
CT-221 Alex Calder Mold Boy (LP) 2015
CT-222 Martin Newell Teatime Assortment (2xLP/CD) 2015
CT-224 Juan Wauters Who Me? (LP/CD) 2015
CT-225 EZTV Dust in the Sky (7") 2015
CT-226 EZTV Calling Out (LP/CD) 2015
CT-227 Mourn Gertrudis, Get Through This! (7") 2015
CT-228 Mac DeMarco Another One (Mini LP/CD) 2015
CT-230 Widowspeak All Yours (LP/CD) 2015
CT-231 DIIV Is the Is Are (LP/CD) 2016
CT-232 Wild Nothing Life of Pause (LP/CD) 2016

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