Capul Island Lighthouse

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Capul Island Lighthouse
Capul Lighthouse,Northern Samar.jpg
Capul Island Lighthouse
Capul Island Lighthouse is located in Philippines
Capul Island Lighthouse
LocationCapul Island
Northern Samar
Coordinates12°28′53.2″N 124°8′28.2″E / 12.481444°N 124.141167°E / 12.481444; 124.141167
Year first constructed1896
Constructiongranite tower
Tower shapecylindrical tower with double balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite tower with red trims, white lantern
Tower height12 metres (39 ft)
Focal height43 metres (141 ft)
Original lensthird-order Fresnel lens
Current lensn/a
Range18 nautical miles (33 km; 21 mi)
CharacteristicFl W 7s.
Fog signalnone
Admiralty numberF2492
NGA number14152
ARLHS numberPHI-045[1]
HeritageNational Historical Landmark Edit this on Wikidata

Capul Island Lighthouse is a lighthouse on Titoog Point in San Luis on the northern tip of Capul Island, Northern Samar in the Philippines.[2] It marks the western entrance to the San Bernardino Strait coming in from Ticao Pass.

The design of the lighthouse started in 1892 under Guillermo Brockman. He designed a cylindrical lighthouse with a pavilion and machinery.[3] Construction on the lighthouse was started on October 1893 under Francisco Perez Muñoz[3] and it was first lit on December 1896 while the station was still partially complete. Work was suspended a month before on November 1896 on the onset of the Philippine Revolution.[4] The pavilion was finished during the American era.[3]

The Capul Island Lighthouse together with the Batag Island Lighthouse were declared provincial historical landmarks by the province of Northern Samar in October 2008.[5]

Marker from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines[edit]

The lighthouse was declared as a National Historical Landmark on September 9, 2013. The marker entitled Parola ng Capul was installed on October 24, 2018. It was installed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.[3]

Original Filipino Text Translated English Text
IDINISENYO NI GUILLERMO BROCKMAN ANG PAROLANG PABILOG NA MAY PABELYON AT MAKINARYA, 1892. IPINATAYO SA PANGANGASIWA NI FRANCISCO PEREZ MUÑOZ, 1893. NATAPOS ANG PAROLA, 1896 AT ANG PABELYON NOONG PANAHON NG MGA AMERIKANO. GIYA NG MGA SASAKYANG PANDAGAT SA KIPOT NG SAN BERNARDINO. IPINAHAYAG BILANG PAMBANSANG PALATANDAANG PANGKASAYSAYAN SA BISA NG RESOLUSYON BLG. 12 NG PAMBANSANG KOMISYONG PANGKASAYSAYAN NG PILIPINAS, 9 SETYEMBRE 2013. The cylindrical lighthouse with pavilion and machinery was designed by Guillermo Brockman, 1892. Constructed under the administration of Francisco Perez Muñoz, 1893. The lighthouse was finished in 1896 while the pavilion was finished during the American Era. Serves as a guide for ships traversing along San Bernardino Strait. Declared as a National Historical Landmark under the Resolution No. 12 of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, September 9, 2013.

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Coordinates: 12°28′53.39″N 124°8′29.89″E / 12.4814972°N 124.1416361°E / 12.4814972; 124.1416361