Caput Stenarum (castra)

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Caput Stenarum
Caput Stenarum - Plan.svg
Caput Stenarum (castra) is located in Romania
Caput Stenarum (castra)
Location within Romania
Known also as Castra of Boița
Founded 2nd century AD
Abandoned 245 [1]
Attested by Tabula Peutingeriana
Place in the Roman world
Province Dacia
Administrative unit Dacia Apulensis
Administrative unit Dacia Superior
Limes Alutanus
Nearby water Alutus
Directly connected to
— Stone structure —
Size and area 46 m × 47 m (0.2 [1] ha)
— Wood and earth structure —
Stationed military units
vexill. XIII Gemina [1]
Events Carpic attacks [1]
Coordinates 45°38′09″N 24°15′58″E / 45.63577°N 24.26601°E / 45.63577; 24.26601
Altitude 365 m (1,198 ft)
Place name În rude [1]
Town Boița
County Sibiu
Country  Romania
RO-LMI SB-I-m-A-11946.01[2]
RO-RAN 145845.01[3]
Site notes
Recognition Monument istoric.svg National Historical Monument
Condition Ruined

Caput Stenarum[1][4] was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia in the 2nd century AD.[3] It is located 700 m east of the village Boița in Romania.[1]

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Coordinates: 45°38′8.77″N 24°15′57.64″E / 45.6357694°N 24.2660111°E / 45.6357694; 24.2660111