Caquetá Department

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Department of Caquetá

Departamento del Caquetá
Flag of Department of Caquetá
Coat of arms of Department of Caquetá
Coat of arms
All, For a Better Caqueta
(Spanish: Todos por un Caquetá mejor)
Caquetá shown in red
Caquetá shown in red
Topography of the department
Topography of the department
Coordinates: 1°37′N 75°36′W / 1.617°N 75.600°W / 1.617; -75.600Coordinates: 1°37′N 75°36′W / 1.617°N 75.600°W / 1.617; -75.600
Country Colombia
RegionAmazonas Region
 • GovernorAlvaro Pacheco Alvarez (2016-2019)
 • Total88,965 km2 (34,350 sq mi)
Area rank3rd
 • Total401,849
 • Rank24th
 • Density4.5/km2 (12/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-05
ISO 3166 codeCO-CAQ
HDI (2017)0.700[2]
high · 25th
Historical population
1973 180,297—    
1985 264,507+46.7%
1993 367,898+39.1%
2005 420,337+14.3%
2018 401,849−4.4%

Caquetá Department (Spanish pronunciation: [kakeˈta]) is a department of Colombia. Located in the Amazonas region, Caquetá borders with the departments of Cauca and Huila to the west, the department of Meta to the north, the department of Guaviare to the northeast, the department of Vaupés to the east, the departments of Amazonas and Putumayo to the south covering a total area of 88,965 km², the third largest in the country. Its capital is the city of Florencia.


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